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Thursday, 3 June 2010


I went to York shopping with my sister today. She wanted summer clothes and I wanted...well just clothes really!! I was looking for a denim jacket but I couldn't find one I liked, but I saw this one on the Dorothy Perkins website so I'm going to order it tomorrow, my mum's paying because she owes me money because our dog ate my shoes last year!!
Anyway, so I ended up just buying some lace ankle socks from H&M, and a tube skirt, a vest top and some pale pink tights from New Look.
I saw this make up set the other day and now I desparately want it!! It's too much money for me for what it is though, but it is fold out Alice In Wonderland, perfect!!
Anyway, I really love pastel pink at the moment, I bought a tutu skirt in that shade the other day, will post an outfit with it soon. I love it as it also includes the underwear as outerwear trend and I absolutely adore that, and since the corset crop tops don't fit me properly (the ones that fit my bust just don't fit my waist, UK size 12 to size 6 :( ) this seems a perfect way to show it!! I really love this skirt from American Apparel but it's similar to the one I already have and it's so expensive again
Finally some nice pastel pink inspiration pictures to end with:

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