Daily Outfit

Today we went for a walk in the woods and I wore this:

More pictures from the walk to come soon!
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Alice In Wonderland: Castle Howard

I went to see an Alice In Wonderland promenade production at Castle Howard, a stately home near where I live today (http://www.castlehoward.co.uk). It was amazing! We followed the characters round to different parts of the gardens including the front lawn where they played croquet and the Rose Garden where they "painted the roses red." The costumes and make up were brilliant, but it rained a little so they had to wear see-through ponchos for one scene. Here are some of my best pictures from the day, click to see them bigger.

The white rabbit's first appearance!
Alice, the White Rabbit and the Caterpillar. In the background you can see the fish that just gave the White Rabbit his invitation to the croquet.
Tweedledum and Tweedledee arguing over their invitation.
The Mad Hatter's tea party.
Detail of the tea party.
Cupcakes in the tea room in the interval.
Painting the roses red!
The Red Queen with her cards coming down to play croquet.
Alice and the Duchess at the croquet match.
Alice, the Mock Turtle and the Griffin as the Mock Turtle tells his story.
Mad Hatter on trial.
Alice on trial.

The Queen of Heart's make up.

Alice waking up from her dream.
It was such a lovely day! I went with my sister and we had chocolate cake and hot chocolate in the Tea Room too.
Oops it's sideways!!
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Summer Holidays

I've left Newcastle for my holidays now! Back in lovely sunny(ish) Yorkshire! At least it was sunny when I came home! It's back to raining again now but I definitely prefer being in the country again than the city, it's too busy and crazy for me, I just can't cope. Although I do miss being so near shops all the time!
Next year I'm moving in with my boyfriend who lives near the Quayside. We almost get this view from his living room, it's a little obstructed by trees in the Churchyard next door.
That's me trying to stop my hair blowing in my face! The buildings in the background are the Sage and the Baltic (looking onto Gateshead Quayside). Then you can see the Millenium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge. I once asked my boyfriend what year they built the Millenium Bridge in :/
Pink Coat: Can't remember!
Black Floral Collared Body Con Dress: Primark
Floral Print Tights: Primark
And the Baltic. It's has exhibitions inside and they are always advertised with massive posters on the front. I like seeing all the different ones that go up (although I can't read them without my glasses!!)
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I had a very strange, very frightening dream last night. It was a lucid dream I discovered from my research today http://www.lucidfun.com/lucid-dreaming-experiences).
It was like a very stereotypical nightmare where I realised I was dreaming and I couldn't wake up, then my face went numb so I couldn't even talk, it was very scary.
I posted a new outfit on Lookbook yesterday too, you can see it by clicking here!

I couldn't decide between the knee high socks and the thigh high, but I decided thigh high in the end as they were warmer!!
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