5 Day Style Challenge Day 2

I've been good today and finished all my Greek for tomorrow, and done some Latin for Thursday too, so I decided I would do a post a little earlier than usual, yay! =D I did want to take my pictures in the snow, but I have no one (or no tripod!) to take them, so it's still the kitchen for me.
So I had an idea (well, actually Charlotte had the idea and I copied it!) of doing a style challenge, but only a 5 day one, to wear this t-shirt 5 different ways. You can see my first day, yesterday here. As I mentioned yesterday, this is actually a t-shirt I bought for Ben but it didn't fit him so I stole it =D.

Beret: Primark
Striped T-shirt: Primark (men's)
Navy Dress: La Redoute
Waist Belt: Topshop
Green Tights: Primark
Studded Heels: New Look
Okay, so I was bored and decided to play around a bit with the different settings on my camera hee hee. The first photos are just normal, the two above are vivid coloured and there are more settings below =) And I know I'm not really going to wear these shoes outside today, still under 8 inches of snow, but I like them and they look pretty with my outfit =). And at least in these photos you can tell my tights actually are green!!

The last two are forest mode. I don't know why that makes them blurry, but it does! I quite liked them as photos though haha!
So this afternoon I've got note taking at 5pm, and I'm planning on going in a bit early because I have heard of a vintage shop and a retro shop in Newcastle that I previously didn't know existed!! They're on a completely random street that I didn't even know existed either! Well I sort of knew there was a street there but I thought it was just a backstreet, so I'm possibly planning on having a look, maybe not though because this street is on a steep hill that I usually take the bus up, so I don't want to be sliding around everywhere! I need to pop into Waitrose for some eggs and breadcrumbs though, so I'm thinking while I'm there I might go to Primark because I want some new tights and I saw a dress on TV this morning which was really nice and apparently from there, so I'm going to investigate!!
And, obviously, we've got black and white mode here, and "retro" mode, I quite like that one, but most of the pictures didn't turn out very well on it because I was pulling weird faces haha!
I should really wear this dress more, it's very versatile and brilliant for layering, but I always forget I have it! I don't hang it up like I do with most dresses and it's just in with my tops, maybe I should hang it up to remember about it.
Anyway, I'm going to get some lunch now and do a bit more work before I go to town, I'm going to try and get as ahead as possible as I can with my work because I've been a bit snowed under (sorry, terrible pun!!) with it at the moment, so I'm going to do as much as I can while I've got the time.

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Boy Clothes in Snovember: Style Challenge Day 1

 Pretty light snow pictures =) I haven't edited the two pictures above, I took them yesterday afternoon when there was a really lovely light that changed to this pinkish colour, so pretty =D It then resulted in something I have never heard of before, Thundersnow! I was in bed and I swear I saw this flash, but Ben didn't believe me, and then I could hear this rumbling; it took me forever to connect it, but I realised eventually it was a thunderstorm, and it was snowing =S It was really strange, and it has continued on and off today. Apparently thundersnow is quite rare because you have to have the exact right conditions of the upper air being colder than the air closer to the ground, but that air still has to be cold enough for snow, but warm enough so it can rise to create a storm....or something like that!

The snow has probably about doubled overnight and today from what you can see in the pictures. I really had an awful day because of it. I managed to get to Greek this morning, but only two of us turned up for Latin so he sent us home, but I'd ploughed my way through a blizzard to get there and ended up looking like a snowman! My boots got soaked through though, because we are on the outskirts of the centre so here and my walk to the bus was just sort of mid-calf high snow, but once you're in town, it's all slushy and melted along the roads and pavements, so there were massive puddles through the middle of my campus, and my boots from last year (from Barratts) just couldn't cope with that.
It was a proper blizzard as I was walking from the bus into uni, that's about a 10 minute walk, and I got there soaking wet and snowoman-like and sat there for 15 minutes before he told us to leave =( (it's supposed to be a two hour lecture). I'd spent 6 hours yesterday preparing for this lecture too because I'd got a bit behind on my translation. Oh well, at least I'm ahead on it now. I was supposed to have Latin this afternoon too but I just couldn't get there, plus the other boy from Latin who did turn up earlier said he wasn't going to be able to make it now he'd sent us back, so I'd have been sent away from that too! It's pretty useless really!
Anyway, the point of my title today is that the T-shirt I'm wearing is actually one I bought for Ben because it was on sale in Primark (sales in Primark!! It just seems crazy!!) But they only had a small, and it doesn't fit him, so I sort of stole it...! But he says it actually looks good on me, so that's ok! I know a lot of other people wear boy's and men's clothes, but I've never found any that suit me, but this isn't so bad!! It actually looks better with jeans but I wasn't feeling jeans-y today, I wore them yesterday though.
Black Cardigan: Topshop
Stripy T Shirt: Primark (men's £2)
Waist Belt: Topshop
Dogtooth Skirt: New Look (it's old and 2 sizes too big, hence the belt!)
Black Tights: M&S

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Cold Nose

Grey Cardigan: New Look
Black Double U Neck Dress: American Apparel
Waist Belt: Topshop
Red Velvet Skirt: Primark
White Tights: My sister's! (New Look I think)
Wellibobs: Birthday present from Grandma
As you can see, our snow just keeps coming and coming! We got a few more inches overnight, and during the day today it's been snowing on and off with about a 2 hour blizzard this afternoon! That was after I took these photos so I dread to think how deep it is now, it went over my Wellibobs earlier!!

What do you all think of my Wellibobs?? You probably can't actually see them that well though. Well, I like them, but today I was in Morrisons wearing them of course because it's so snowy and slippy, and I was going down an aisle by myself and this woman came towards me, looked me up and down, focusing on the Wellibobs and then looked me right in the face and sneered at me before carrying on and nudging her friend at the bottom of the aisle. She then pointed at them and said, so I could hear, "Look at those things." The other woman then turned around, laughed and sneered at me too. =( 
I was really upset by this because they honestly knew I could hear them because we were the only people in the aisle, and I actually stopped and looked at them, shocked. I mean everyone else in the supermarket was in some form of welly or boot, why, just because mine are slightly different, did they have to do that? And that wasn't even a major fashion choice like going out of my way to wear them, it's not like I was wearing sky high heels or anything dramatic, just a little pair of Wellibobs that mean a lot to me because they're from my Grandma. I don't mind particularly getting looks and stares if I'm wearing something that I know is deliberately dramatic, but this is different, I was almost forced to wear them just because of the weather.

Sorry about my rant, but that was just something that really annoyed me =(
Anyway, I haven't done anything particularly interesting to tell you about! I've pretty much just been working and tidying up today. Ben had this "brilliant" idea to move the wardrobe from our spare room into our room, so he emptied it and called me in to help him. As soon as it was on its side I could tell it wasn't going to fit the angle of the door and the corridor but he was determined. Anyway, the wardrobe is still in the spare room and we know have a few extra dents in the wall, and I almost dropped it on my toes haha! Brilliant idea indeed!! =D 
Sorry about the light in the pictures of me, the light was much nicer before I just went out (see the one with just the churchyard), and once I got out there it was darker and gloomier (snowclouds a-coming!). But I tried tweaking them a bit, to not much avail, but there you have it anyway!

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White Out

Got another outfit post for you today =) I promise I will do more interesting photos, maybe once I get home because I'll have places outside to do them then. Here I have the graveyard, but nowhere to put my camera (and I don't have a tripod) plus everyone walks their dogs in there and people look out over it so I'm too scared to do it!! Maybe one day I will, I'll steal my dad's "Gorilla Pod" haha!

Stripy Cardigan: Vero Moda (in Austria)
Sheer Polka Dot Top: Primark
Brown Belt: Zara
Denim Skirt: Chilli Pepper (I've had it for yearssss!!)
Black Tights: M&S
Grey Knee High Socks: Urban Outfitters
Brown Boots: Barratts
I look a bit flustered haha, also my hair is messed up because I'd just been wearing a hat outside!! This denim skirt, my goodness, I've had it since I was 13, that's 7 years ago now!! And I used to wear it a lot too! Like everyday! It was my "party skirt" when I was 13 or 14, so I used to wear it to school discos and young farmers' parties (which took place in fields!). Now it's become more of a slouchy everyday skirt, but it's still a staple of my wardrobe, even though I don't wear it as much now. I did buy another denim skirt once, but it just can't live up to this beauty.
These boots are my boots from last winter, I really like them and they still have a lot of grip (very useful in the snow, especially if you're me!), but the inside heel lining has torn on both and the next layer rubs really badly so it gives me blisters, hence why I'm wearing socks under them. They actually rubbed so badly last year they made holes in 3 pairs of socks! I know I should have returned them but I'm too lazy, and I would have had no shoes to walk there in!!
I finalllllyyyy managed to post my parcels today (Clothes Swap girls, your clothes are on their way!!). And I sent off my shoes I sold on eBay. I was sad to part with all that money though =( The shoes actually cost more to send than I listed for them so that was annoying =( But I knew the Clothes Swap ones would be expensive since I was sending them internationally, and I wanted them tracked because I don't want my clothes lost!
I managed to return my library books too, and pick up a book I had reserved weeks ago at the library, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, which I am very excited about reading. I actually started it on the bus!!
Oh and I am very excited because I knew that the first British Forever 21 had just opened in Birmingham recently, which is about a 3 hour train journey (or maybe more) from here, but I was planning on going sometime, but then I realised, of course that meant it had a UK website now so shipping will not cost a thousand pounds or whatever it is, sooooo I'm right now planning my order on there, yaaaayyyy!! It's free shipping over £50, and I'm up to £64.50 so far. I know I shouldn't be spending money, but I've never had this opportunity before!! I'm ordering a few Christmas presents too so it's not that bad!

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No bus =(

I am very annoyed right now because I just spent nearly 45 minutes waiting at my bus stop to get a bus into uni for a Latin class, and no bus turned up! Well actually just as I was approaching the stop one went past and as I tried to flag it down and run after it, it just drove away. So I sat there in the snow for all this time and no more turned up, so basically I'm not a happy bunny =(
Anyway, I just thought I'd do a quick outfit post as well, because I styled up Charlotte's floral and lace dress again today, so at least I've got that to be happy about =D
So my outfit at least started like this:

Mustard Yellow Jumper: George at Asda
Lace and Floral Dress: Baby Says Boutique Charlotte's dress via The Lovely Ones
Green Tights (yes they are green I promise!!): Primark
Boots: Chockers Shoes
I wasn't entirely sure about the lace sleeves showing, but I don't think it looks too bad really. But anyway, as soon as I stepped out the door, I knew my boots were not appropriate for the weather at all, as I nearly fell over first step outside, so went back in and put on these beauties:

Beret: Primark
Satchel: Christmas Present from last year from parents
Coat: Primark
Wellybobs: 20th birthday present from grandparents
See, a much more weather appropriate outfit! And please don't ask about my face in these photos haha, I'd just come in from my bus incident, and I was cold (ie. my nose goes very red when I'm cold!), and I was sort of grumpy from waiting there for so long, so I think I was trying to pretend I was happy or something?! That obviously resulted in what you see above.
I'm also annoyed because I'd been very prepared today and had 2 lovely parcels to send to swap members, and 1 from eBay, and I had some library books to return. And I'd done looooads of translation for my Latin class and I couldn't even get there =( Sorry girls in the swap but you'll have to wait a little longer for your parcels =(
It's snowing again now, so I hope I can get to my Greek class tomorrow, and I really need to get these books back tomorrow or they'll be overdue. The churchyard is getting so full of snow - I'll take pictures everyday so when it snows more you can see it moving up the gravestones!!

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The Lovely Ones

So as many of you know, I am taking part in a Clothing Swap with a group of some other lovely bloggers. The first item I received was a Floral and Lace Dress from Charlotte (and you can see the post here). We've just decided on the name The Lovely Ones and if you click on that link, you can see our new facebook page where we have albums of everyone wearing the clothes they receive in the swap! It's very exciting to take part in something like this! It's like getting new clothes almost for free, and you know that someone else feels the same when they receive your clothes!

So I know I said yesterday I wasn't going to post any outfit photos, but it started snowing and I just had to have some pictures in it haha! The boyfriend took these out the window so that's what the big white thing is, I didn't want to crop it out and cut out some of the snow =D

Red Cardigan: New Look
Black Lace Leotard: Topshop
White Dress: H&M
Red Belt: Accessorize
(Black Heart Print Tights (which I ripped so took off =( ): Primark
Thigh High Socks: H&M
Black Brogues: Primark
And then we woke up this morning to this lovely sight (even though I don't really like snow that much grrrr!!). This is the view out the other side of our flat, you can't really tell but you can see the River Tyne in the second picture through the trees =)

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Things I Am Loving and Lusting After

I'm being a bit useless really because I've been iiiillll again, thanks to my sister's friend who had flu and passed it onto me over the weekend, and I have now passed it on to the boyfriend, so he's home from work today =) So basically I've been sitting around wearing, well pretty much this for the last few days:
Aaaah I have no face haha! You really wouldn't want to see my face though =D I'm actually feeling a lot better today and I've been to a lecture, and I'm actually wearing real clothes today, but I destroyed (like utterly destroyed) my tights before I could get a picture of my outfit and I don't want to take one without them haha! They're my heart print ones from Primark, so I'm going to go and buy some more tomorrow hopefully, and maybe some bow print ones too.
So anyway, this week, I am loving and lusting after this list of things:

1. This jumper, it looks so snuggly and warm. From River Island:

2. This harness necklace (picture from the blog Adeline Rapon)
3. Coloured ankle socks with skirts (but it's too cold to wear this at the moment, it just started snowing this morning =( ) (not sure where I got these pictures)

4. Exciting tights (I need plenty of these as well!) (first picture from tabio.com, second from tumblr, third Henry Holland via uktights.com)

5. These shoes plus tights = love (picture from The Sartorialist)

What things are you loving at the moment?? For some reason most of mine seem to be tights/socks! It would be shoes too, but I'm trying to calm down with shoes since I just bought another pair, which I still haven't shown you because I left them in my car at home and the pictures won't load to Blogger for some reason, but don't worry you will see them at some point! Although, ssshhh don't tell anyone, I am lusting over the new Jeffrey Campbell lookbook but I shouldn't be because I really cannot afford another pair of them =(

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