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Monday, 18 April 2011

Guest Post: Vicki from Magpie Girl

I present to you here my final guest poster, the amazing Vicki from Magpie Girl, please make her welcome!

HI Everyone! So while Sian is off on holidays ( lucky thing!) She has asked a few of us fellow bloggers to do a little guest post..
So Ill start with introducing myself! My name is Vicki, Im a blogger from Northern Ireland and my blog is http://magpie-girl.blogspot.com..

Ive never done a guest post before so when Sian asked me I had no idea what to write about! So Ive decided to just write about myself.. lol easy!

Im a natural blonde but Ive been colouring my hair coppery red/strawberry/ginger/orange for a couple of years now.

I live in the country, in the middle of no where basically! With 2 horses, 1 cat, 1 jack russell and 2 little pugs. :)
Im a massive animal lover and when me and my lovely other half Dave (who is also my blog photographer) live together we have planned on getting more dogs and maybe a tortoise who we have already pre-named mowgli..

Im addicted to blogging, I love art, photography, floristry, my family my boyfriend, my dogs! cupcakes, tea, and laced up brogues :)
I blog mainly about my outfits and my fashion loves and lusts! Im pattern and print obsessed, i never shy away from bright colours and I hardly ever wear black..

So there you have it! I think ive shared enough for one post! :) Thanks Sian for asking me to guest post! xo
For more photos and ramblings from me, stop by my blog http://magpie-girl.blogspot.com


  1. I totally thought you were a natural red-head Vicki! It is always cool to discover someone else is a wannabe ginger :) Awesome post - your pugs are super cute xoxo

  2. Wow! Her hair is amazing!x

  3. gorgeous, i always love your outfits vicky.

  4. Oh lucky you living in the country! Love the photo of you with the horses :)


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