Off To Spain

Well, as the title kind of gives away, I'm off to Spain tomorrow!! Although we've been joking that there's no point in going now since over the last 3 days the temperature has reached 23 degrees a couple of times! It's crazy how it can go from so cold to so hot! I actually sunbathed in denim hot pants today, it was amazing, not a cloud in the sky =D
Anyway, I just thought I'd leave you all a little post before I left early tomorrow morning. I've got a series of amazing girls doing guest posts for me over the next ten days, I hope you enjoy them, they all put a lot of work into the posts they've done for me, and I'm sure you'll love them all!
The photo above is a little sneak preview of a new dress I got which may make an appearance sometime mid-holiday in a scheduled post =)
And I thought I'd leave you with some amazing photos of me from the last time I went to Spain, on a school trip in 2004 (I was 13), and you can see my awesome fashion choices. I've the double denim and velvet look going on....just not quuuuite in the way they were intended... I'm on the far right in both pictures. Yes, that does mean the one on crutches, oh how awesome I am!
Well, I'll be back in 10 days (hopefully with better pictures than above!!), so enjoy the wonderful guest posts I've got lined up for you!
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  1. Have an amazing trip! Can't wait to see more of that dress and photos from Spain :)


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