NFW: Y Salon 30th Birthday Bash

Another event I took part in for Newcastle Fashion Week (I couldn't do many because of essays and exams) was on Tuesday night, Y Salon's (in Eldon Gardens in Newcastle) 30th Birthday Bash! I got two free tickets to the event, so I invited my friend Fran who's at Newcastle too but I hadn't been able to see in a while. This is what she wore, doesn't she look amazing?!
It was a lovely night; we got given free mojitos (although we weren't too fond of them!!), free mini cupcakes, mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef (awesome!!), other little canapes and chocolates afterwards.We weren't really sure what was going to be happening at the event, although we knew we were going to be shown the salon's collection, Paper Roses, but we were so excited to find out that it was set out like a Fashion Show with a catwalk and everything!
They did a couple of demonstrations of how to do 'big hair' on the catwalk, and then they showed the rest of the collection in a Fashion Show style catwalk with the music playing. I've just put up a few of the pictures I got here, it was a bit funny lighting in there, but I did the best I could! I absolutely loved the bob style haircut, I'm definitely considering that for if I ever get bored of having long hair, I really liked it. And the dress she was wearing was amazing too.
And after we'd seen all the normal ones, we got to see the Haute Couture collection, which was amazing!! Although the second two had a bit of trouble walking!! It must have taken so much time and effort and to prepare these girls for the catwalk!
And a final photo of what I was wearing! I didn't actually wear my hair up to the event, I had it up in a bun because it was still slightly wet and I was trying to get a bit of wavy curlyness in it, but I totally forgot to get a picture of it later! I absolutely love this dress too! I got it a few weeks ago in H&M for only £9.99, I love wearing it! But I wish I had a cropped jacket to wear with it, all I had was my denim jacket which is slightly too big and hangs a bit, but nevermind!
Denim Jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Striped Maxi Dress: H&M
Handbag: c/o Matalan
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters
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Guest Post at Girl Next Door Fashion

Everyone head over to Charlotte's blog, Girl Next Door Fashion, I've got a guest post up over there today about No Make Up Mondays!! And if you don't follow her already, you probably should because she is awesome and amazing!!
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Charity Shop Challenge: The Photos

I have a feeling this may be a photo heavy post!! I had my mum, Beth and Ben taking photos for me so I have quite a lot, all the ones in the churchyard are by Beth afterwards. So for those of you who might not have read my last post, on Saturday as a part of Newcastle Fashion Week I got to take part in something called the Charity Shop Challenge where I had £15 to spend in charity shops to get an entire outfit in less than an hour (I think it was about 25 minutes actually!). Above is me talking to the woman who was presenting before we got sent out, I'm wearing a dress Modcloth sent The Lovely Ones for our clothes swap, but I'll do a proper outfit post with it soon!! Note the thing I'm stood next to in the last photo above, that was where we had to get changed =D And below, my completed outfit!!
There were four other contestants, all the outfits they chose are below too. It was a little bit scary because we had to go up on Grey's Monument before we got sent out and talk in front of the whole crowd down the microphone and then afterwards when we got back too. In fact, you know what, I'll let you see the video of me talking, here you get to see me in real life!!

And here are some photos my mum and sister took afterwards while the official Fashion Week photographer was taking my photo =D
And finally, a massive dump of photos my sister Beth took afterwards in the churchyard, she was telling me the poses to do and some of them came out really well!!
I'm back again now after my exams by the way! I've still got two more, but a week until one, then 5 days until the other, so plenty of time to blog and revise =D Oh and I'll list the prices of everything in the outfit for you, just so you can see that I did get it all for under £15!
Headscarf: Charity (£1)
Mustard Top: Charity (£3)
Skirt and Belt: Charity (£4)
Handbag: Charity (£3)
Red Shoes: Charity (£3.29)
Oh and I'm posting over at Charlotte's blog later today, so don't forget to check that out!! I'll let you know when it's up =) Sorry for the photo-heaviness too!!
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Newcastle Fashion Week: Charity Shop Challenge

Ok, so I know I said I would be away for a while, and I still am (had an exam this morning and one tomorrow afternoon!), but I just wanted to pop in and say hi, and let you all know some exciting news!!
So you might remember I told you I was chosen to be one of five contestants in the Newcastle Fashion Week Charity Shop Challenge? So that happened on Saturday and my mum, my sister, my grandma and 2 of my aunties came up to watch. So in less than an hour, I had to find an outfit made entirely of clothes from charity shops for only £15, and above is the completed outfit, and, *cough* it's the winner's photo =D
Yes, I won!! I was so happy!! I got all sorts of lovely prizes, a £50 voucher, free haircut, free wardrobe consultancy, 3 months supply of Vitamin Water, and some Newcastle Fashion Week official briefs (!) and T shirt signed by Scott Henshall!!
I do have quite a few other pictures, taken by Ben and my mum, and my sister, who was my official photographer from the day! I'll put them up another day because I have so much revision to do, but Beth got some pretty good photos! The one above is from the official photographer at the event =)
So that's that! And I'll be back soon with more photos from that, wish me luck in the exams!!

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FIRE + Colour Blocking

Okaaaay, so I know I said I was going to be away for a while, but honestly, I miss you blogging people! And I've had a pretty exciting day, so I thought I'd share that with you, and I couldn't blog without an outfit, so that came along too!
So apparently I actually like the colour-blocking trend going on at the moment, I think it's more to do with the fact that I already have a load of skinny jeans in every colour of the rainbow (except orange...I want orange) so I don't have to spend more money to do it, YES!
Ok, so now for my exciting day story, probably why my typing sounds excitable and hyper...I think I'm on an adrenaline high! So I went to hand in my essay (YES I FINISHED IT!!...sorry about that!), all 4600 words of it (I talk too much, I hope they don't realise it's a little over the word count!), and apparently my Turnitin thing wasn't right, blah blah blah, eventually handed it etc. Main part of the story: I was walking back to the bus and I saw this HUGE black cloud like billowing into the blue sky, and I'm thinking, well that's a funny rain cloud. So I rang Ben at work, told him to find out what was going on on the internet. Here is some 'black cloud':
Anyway, he tells me there's a 'huge fire' in Newcastle. I'm like, oh dear, but that's kind of exciting. Waiting for the bus, he rings me to tell me my bus is stopping half way because of the fire, so we were driving along on the bus, get down to the Quayside and WOW that black cloud is huge!! And oh my goodness, that cloud is on my house....
(Insanely brave fireman above) Turned out my stop was the turning round point, and it's next to my house, and right behind it is this huge black cloud of smoke, so I walk round the corner, and there it is, Byker's scrapyard in Newcastle is on fire, there were at least 12 fire engines. So I stood and watched, went home and got my camera for pictures. Seriously, this is the view from outside my house, that's how close it is (it's still going now, 4 hours later and they expect it to be going overnight):
So anyway, I stood and watched for about an hour and a half, and this woman asked me if I live close, when I said yes she grabbed me and made me do a LIVE radio interview from BBC Radio Newcastle!! It was crazy!! As soon as I can I'll post it up for you, then you can all hear my voice for the first time!! So that's my crazy day =D If you're interested in more fire photos, I have loads on my Flickr.
Red Cardigan: New Look
 Stripy Top with Crochet Collar: Republic
Blue Jeans: Primark
Wedges: New Look
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