Birthday Girl =)

Today's my 21st birthday, yaaay!! =D And we've never ever had such amazing weather for it, never before have I worn just a summery dress on my birthday and spent the day at the beach!! Just a quick post with a photo that doesn't need editing or anything to update you all =) I've had an amazing day so far and I'm going to have a lovely evening with my family and Ben's family, just getting an Indian takeaway with them. I've also had some really lovely presents (including shoes and a hand painted picture of Belle from Beauty and the Beast by my sister, pics coming soon!), it's amazing how well everyone knows me to get me such perfect 'me' presents =D I'll be back another day with more!
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21st Birthday Meal

I think I mentioned before that it's going to be my 21st birthday on Thursday (the day after tomorrow, yay!!), so this last weekend we decided to go out for a meal with my family: my mum, dad, Beth, Ben and grandparents on both sides. In the morning Ben and I had been up to Newcastle to move some things up there, and we met up with Ben's parents who were visiting Ben's sister there for lunch. So I got two meals out on Saturday! When we came home, we were greeted by the sight above: balloons and cupcakes!! I might have mentioned before but my dad owns a bakery so he'd stayed late one evening and made these for me, they're so pretty =)
jacket: forever 21
top: new look
skirt: H&M
tights: new look
shoes: new look
This is the outfit I wore for my meal. Again I went for more autumnal colours, because I just love them at the moment =D And of course it was an opportunity to wear heels, so I did. You can also see my awesome accessory of a wrist's getting super annoying now, keeping me awake and stopping me from typing properly, plus it still hurts! The hospital couldn't find my x rays when I had to ring them back so we still don't know if it's broken, but the swelling, bruising and pain kind of suggests it is =( Anyway, I also took some real accessory pictures this time, see below.
So we have here my dragonfly necklace which was my 18th birthday present from Ben and I've worn it everyday since (3 years since I was 18, eek!!). And my Tiffany's charm bracelet that was an 18th present from my parents, complete with a butterfly (coz they're pretttty), suitcase (because I like travelling) and a book with a bookworm (because that's me!).
Pictures from the actual meal, including my first present: Harry Potter puppet pals!! Created lovingly by my sister =D Then finally back home with the 'Happy Birthday' singing and candle blowing out!
I'll have two more 'birthday' outfits to come haha =D One on my actual birthday on Thursday, then the one for going out in Newcastle with my friends on Saturday, so look out for those coming up, and more Greece posts to come still =D
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Sunday Remix: Daisy Print Dress

I originally bought this summery 50s style daisy print dress from New Look when I supposed to be looking in the post-Christmas sales for bargains and a dress for my friend's New Years party where I had to go as Audrey Hepburn, but for some reason there was this amazing summery dress and I just had to have it!! Fortunately I made it work as Audrey, you can see the post of it here. Here are some other ways I've remixed this dress throughout the year:
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Book Review: Incubus by Carol Goodman

"In a town built on magic, be careful what you dream..."
I was sent the novel Incubus by Carol Goodman to review a while back now, but since I have been completely useless (and out of the country half the time!) I have only just got round to reviewing it!! I actually read it straight away, within about 3 days of receiving it I had already finished, which probably tells you what favour my review will be in!!
As you already know from my Author Spotlight post, I absolutely love Carol Goodman's books which mix reality and the surreal perfectly (while often including a bit of mythology or classical references!!). Incubus also manages to do this, very cleverly blending the supernatural into a story that seems to begin in the real world that you and I know.
The story follows Callie McFay as she takes up a place teaching at a second-rate college in the small town of Fairwick. She is besotted by the old Victorian house of the writer Dahlia LaMotte which bears a face in the pediment that begins to show in her dreams. Probably not suitable for readers under the age of 16, her dreams begin to take on a more and more erotic theme until they begin to plague her thoughts in her everyday life. Alongside the main storyline, we are given snippets of Dahlia LaMotte's unpublished work that Callie finds in the house, snippets that give Callie the idea that she is being visited nightly by an Incubus. Slowly, then more rapidly she begins to realise that what she is reading and learning may not be just the stuff of dreams and fairytales but a reality. We then descend into a literal fairytale romance with Callie and her incubus which keeps you gripped until the very end.
What I find most exciting about this is that it is the first of a series, The Fairwick Chronicles. The only problem is I wanted to read the next one immediately and, of course, it's not out (or even written?!) yet!! It is definitely a book I would recommend to others, particularly those interested in light sci-fi or supernatural fiction - it has been quoted as being along the lines of Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris.
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