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Since it's getting on to be nearly winter now (shock, horror! But honestly it is here, snow'll be coming soon!), I decided to do a review of my autumn outfits so far. I love putting together all my recent outfit photos like this and just looking back over them. I think I've started to realise that autumn is my favourite season, for clothes wearing and stylewise anyway: you can layer up but not necessarily have to bundle up, you can wear either shoes or boots, you can wear tights or socks, and you don't have to worry about slipping on the ice!!
But anyway, I've really loved making up outfits in autumnal colours this season, and I've worn loads of those colour outfits on days I've been too lazy or too busy to take outfit photos too. So which are your favourites of the above? I love the outfits from the 22nd October, 11th October and 27th September. But I love how my photography has improved towards the end with my new lens too and I think that just gives the outfits that extra something!
By the way Ben says that I have to say: his Dumbly and Daddly bought little Sian the lens.
Sorry about that!!
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Weekend Remix: Black Lace Leotard

When I first started at uni, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of shops I had access to within about a 10 minute walk, having lived somewhere before where I was always at least an hour away from a normal high street shop. So as you can imagine, I probably went a little crazy with my spendings, particularly in Primark as I'd never really been to one before!! But one of the first weeks I was here, there was a student lock in night in Topshop with 20% off. I spotted this leotard then but in a nude/cream colour that I absolutely loved, but unfortunately they didn't have it in my size, plus I was too wary to try it out then because I hadn't yet started experimenting with my clothing and I had no idea what I would wear it with. But for weeks after I kept spotting it in the shop, and when it came in in black I knew I had to buy it. And I'm so glad I did, it's been so versatile over the last couple of years, I've worn it as everyday wear with a top underneath, and for going out underneath dresses and with nothing underneath. There are even at least 3 different ways I've worn it that I can remember that I'm not posting here (mainly because I haven't got a proper picture of it then!). But here are the ways I've worn it on my blog:
Lookbook - strawberries and hearts
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Month In Photos

So a lot of bloggers tend to do a Week In Photos using Instagram on their phones. Unfortunately I don't have a phone that has Instagram, so I don't really take that many photos on a weekly basis except for outfit photos and special occasions, so I decided to save some up for a time when I've been too lazy to do an outfit post, so here is my month in photos:
These are all in the Primark changing room! Which do you like best? (By the way, this is a test, I bought one pair!! Although I could very easily have bought another if I didn't want to spend more money!!)
Out for a meal with my family, including grandparents and my great aunt from Canada. And the last photo is just before going out for Ben's birthday the night before. I'm bending down and my aunty is stood on her tiptoes haha!!
Day out in Malton (I may have just given away which jeans I bought! Sshhh!!)
My mum took part in a nationwide Tap-a-thon. Across the country dance schools did the same dance all at the same time for 10 minutes to try and break the world record. My mum is in there somewhere, spot her if you can! (Hint: she looks like me!!)
Walk on the Moors, Lottie is so photogenic haha!!
Yummy seafood stew we made the other night when Ben's sister came round for tea!
By the way, this is a scheduled post (wooo I'm in the future again!) because this weekend if all goes to plan I should be in the Peak District with Charley and Frankie (and of course Ben!) on a double dating weekend of fun!! We're going to Alton Towers on Sunday for the Halloween Scarefest, and on Saturday we're hoping to go to a National Trust type place then out for a pub meal in the evening. So we're travelling down there on Friday (which will be today to those of you reading it!!) so I'm pretty certain I won't have a chance to post over the weekend, so I've scheduled a few random posts. I'm so so excited though, we did a trip there last Easter and it was awesome!! Unfortunately Charley's car, Maggie, which was the best road trip car ever, died last year so Ben's driving us this year. I've made an Alton Towers playlist and everything, we had the music from the advert (you know the dun dun dun dun dun dun dun one....okay, the In the Hall of the Mountain King one) playing on volume last year as we drove in with the windows down and we were just so cool, playing classical music at full volume as we drove into a theme park, yes, go us!! Anyway, enough rambling, and I'm sure I'll be back soon with lots of photos =D
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New Blog Shop: lots of items for sale!!

Just wanted to let you all know, I decided to get rid of a few pieces of my clothes because I have far too many and not enough money!! So I've opened a blog shop, yay!! So far I only have about 15 pieces in it, but please have a look, and help a poor student out!! I am very willing to negotiate on prices, and I'm willing to ship anywhere. The prices of the shop are in dollars because that's all they offered me, but quite a lot of you who read this are from the US so it doesn't really matter! So don't be put off if you're from the UK (in fact shipping is cheaper within the UK so take a longer look!!). So CLICK HERE to have a look at it =D
Here are some of the items I'm offering:
Vintage Floral Skirt: $25 (approx £15) 
H&M Floral Dress $20 (approx £12)

For today only, because it's my opening day, I'm offering 15% off with the code "rebelangel15"

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Greece Part 7: Olympia

Finally I've reached the last of my Greece posts!! These photos are from our last day there in Olympia, visiting the site of Olympia itself and the museums. Of course when visiting Olympia it's very important that everyone run in the stadium!! We did a boy's race and a girl's race, although most of the girls refused (including me!), runnning in 40 degree temperatures in the full midday sun was not my idea of fun!! Particularly as I can barely run without falling over anyway =D
Although when I went back later with some of my friends, they decided to run it then, it was a little cooler by then (although not much!) but I decided to be the official race photographer haha!! It was hilarious, as you can see in these photos, because Otone's shoe fell off!! She didn't know what to do, whether to sacrifice her place in the race and go back for her shoe or keep going and risk tearing her foot open, as Robert had told us someone had done in a previous year! So she sort of ran on the spot backwards and forwards a bit haha =D
And the final night =( We had a meal in the hotel, which was lovely, then we were supposed to be doing a talent show, but that went down the drain a bit!! It ended up just being a few people getting up and doing something and that was about it! I was going to sing but since it wasn't a proper talent show I didn't want to!! But we had a lovely time sat around altogether at the end of the pool, staying up the latest we did of the whole trip because we'd been too worried about getting too tired to do all the walking the next day the rest of the time!!
And finally, I have no idea why, but this picture managed to sneak itself into my final set of pictures and must have been missed out somewhere, but here is the death hill that started our trip. How apt, that sneaky thing managed to sneak itself in haha!! 
I hope you've enjoyed my Greece photos, and if you want to see more, just say, there are around 2000 more!! (Seriously, don't ask, you will regret it!!) When I've stopped being useless I will do another outfit post, but I'm still all ill and rubbish. I'm going to go to the Drs soon hopefully, because I've been feeling like this for a long long time and they just tell me I'm tired, but it's getting so bad now that I find it hard to do anything. Recently I haven't been able to make it into uni and the other night I got so exhausted even though I hadn't done anything that day that I couldn't even move or talk by 8.30pm that night and Ben had to practically carry me to bed. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with my thyroid because when I had my tonsils out they thought I had an overactive thyroid but did the blood test only 3 days after the operation, then told me the results were inconclusive because I still had the drugs from the anaesthetic in my system, then they never followed it up. But I seem to have a lot of the symptoms: fast heart rate, extreme fatigue, difficulty sleeping and I've lost quite a bit of weight even though I eat a lot (I eat 3 full meals plus at least one snack between every meal, I can eat up to 4000 calories a day and not put on weight, which sounds like a blessing but it isn't, believe me..)
Anyway, enough of the moaning. I'm going to try and do useful things today so I'll go and try and do that now. I think I might sort some clothes to sell, so look out for that!
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Fallen Leaves on the Ground

This is another purchase from my Saturday mini-spree. I'd spotted this in Primark amongst the knitwear before when I bought this skirt, and I also saw the matching skirt (which incidentally Laura's wearing here), and when I popped back in there this weekend I couldn't resist buying it. I honestly do think I'm lacking in jumpers (especially awesomely patterned ones!) in my wardrobe. The skirt is actually a couple of years old now, and it feels very wintery pairing a woolly jumper with a woollen skirt!! It's not technically 'woolly' but it's made of that sort of material. 
Also I have to apologise for wearing these shoes again...honestly though, it doesn't feel like wearing heels when you wear them, in fact I think I'm starting to find them more comfortable than flats because now whenever I put my ballet flats on I feel every single little bump in the ground and they just feel so flat haha!! Also they just make my legs feel so long!! And that can't be a bad thing?!
I didn't mention yesterday but the reason I did a remix post (apart from it being fun!) was that I was feeling really poorly =( I've got Ben's silly cold now so I have the first proper sore throat I've had since I had my tonsils out, a headache, which is not helped by noisy people upstairs, sneezing which hurts my silly ribs (costochondritis, check it out here) and just general dizziness. When I stood up to make my lunch earlier I actually went so dizzy I feel over! Although that's nothing new to me =D So I decided this morning, even though I was feeling awful, to get myself out of bed and do something. So I got dressed up like I usually do, put on extra nice make up, actually did something to my hair (you can't even tell anymore!) and tried to get on with working. But it was hard and I felt poorly =( So one reason I look pale in these photos is that. The other is that I am seem to just be generally very pale which is very strange considering my 6 weeks abroad in hot countries over summer!!
And I decided to photograph my face close up today since I made an effort with my make up. Usually I just wear a bit of foundation, mascara and lipstick (always put on lipstick nowadays!), but today I put on eyeliner too, crazy I know!! Although I did manage to smudge it when taking my photos because I had to close one eye to look through the viewfinder, which made my eye water, consequently causing smudgy eye.
Jumper: Primark
Top (underneath, just seen): Primark
Skirt: Primark
Tights: Primark
Wedges: New Look
Oh goodness, I really must stop shopping in Primark so much!! Although people often say that Primark clothing is disposable and will only last that season, I have so many clothes that have lasted me years already from Primark, including the skirt I'm wearing today!! Honestly, you just have to be careful what you pick in Primark, there are some good quality things in there, I promise!
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