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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Style Icons #2 Rachel Berry

I've decided to do a series of posts on my Style Icons that influence my style daily. A lot of my inspiration comes from the blogosphere, of course, so I thought you'd like to see other things outside of that which inspire me everyday!
You can see the first post here.
So moving on to my second style icon feature: Rachel Berry. I know, I know, another Glee character, but I promise the next one isn't!! At the beginning of the series, Rachel's style was extremely nerdy/preppy, as in the picture above - a lot of knee skirts, pleated skirts, blouses etc. Obviously I do like this look sometimes (here), but I much prefer Rachel's style now, as it has evolved in to a much more 'grown up' style, with fitted dresses, the occasional vintage piece and prettier clothes in general, with fun colours and prints thrown into the mix too. In my opinion, it's not really a style I would wear for school, and probably not even uni sometimes, because she's often in heels (albeit small ones) and below knee dresses. I do love the clothes, but I would definitely find them difficult to wear to school!


  1. I love Rachel's style. She makes wearing dresses so cool! And I love that it is so laid back and old school. :) X


  2. Sometimes she wears really cool preppy stuff but then sometimes they have her in really weird outfits. In general though, I like the pieces she wears :) Especially her coats!

  3. she's so cute and I love her singing. xo

  4. Yey she's my style icon too. I have so many items in my wardrobe that have been directly inspired by her.

  5. Oh, I love Rachel too, especially as her style matures throughout the show. That blue and white polka-dot dress is one of my favourite things that she wears. The rainbow coat is my absolute favourite though!


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