What To Wear For A Valentine's Date #1: Bowling

This is another little series I've decided to do after taking these photos for my uni's newspaper and wanted to use the extras!! There will be four different types of outfits altogether as inspiration for what to wear on Valentine's! But if you're single, feel free to wear them anytime, because I would!!
Cardigan: New Look
Top: Debenhams
Jeans: Topshop
Brogues: New Look
This outfit only has two photos because the others didn't come out well!! But this would be the perfect date outfit for bowling: it ties in the red for a Valentine's theme, jeans (stretchy ones!) because you're going to be moving around a lot (jumping for joy when you win), and flats because you'll want something comfortable to slip on and off, and you'll want the socks underneath for when you have to put the bowling shoes on!! This is a cute yet still casual look for trying to impress someone not looking for something too fancy =)
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