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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Down By The Quayside

Today was the most beautiful day in Newcastle - there was not a cloud in the sky, and it was a good 14 degrees I'd say, amazing for this time of year!! I still had ridiculous amounts of work to do (only a couple of months of it left though!!), but I decided to take a break from it this afternoon so we could have a walk down to the Quayside - I couldn't just sit there while it was such beautiful weather outside, who knows the next time that'll happen?! It was the first day I'd been out without my scarf today, so I was pretty happy, but there are still tights underneath that skirt (at least in the first pictures, I laddered them later before taking the later pictures!!). Every Sunday there's a market on the Quayside, so we had a wander through there, annoyed that we'd already eaten lunch because we were so tempted by the chips and churros!! 
Blazer: Primark
White Tee: M&S Outlet
Midi Skirt (and belt): Primark
Flats: Primark
Sandals: c/o Matalan
I had to include the picture of Ben in this post because it's about the only decent picture of him! He's not the most photogenic person!! Anyway, I'd had this outfit planned since the moment I spotted this skirt in Primark, the blazer and skirt seem made for each other with their perfect pastel colours, but I was reluctant to wear it before it was a truly nice Spring day outside, and this was my perfect day!! I was so happy to Ben as my photographer today, but the light was just too bright to get good photos of the actual outfit, so we waited until a bit later to take some more in the graveyard, in which time I managed to ladder my tights significantly, just while sat working, so I took them off and replaced the shoes with these sandals I received from Matalan, another perfect Spring/Summer item, although I think I like the flats a bit better with this particular outfit =)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and you had as good weather as we did here!!


  1. This skirt is such a beautiful colour! I love the Quayside in Newcastle! :) Beautiful blazer too the colour combination is just perfect :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Pretty green skirt!


  3. I love Newcastle also.. require a visit soon!
    Love the colour of the skirt. The blazer is great too. I have a black one from primark that was a great buy, think i need more.lol
    Those sandles are so summer! :)
    Hope the weather stays and i get wear out of my summer clothes this year!

  4. Looks like a beautiful place! Your outfit is as well :) I really like the skirt and the entire look is just lovely!

    xx, Susann
    Fashion in Pepperland

  5. Haha I've just posted pictures of myself wearing exactly the same skirt, except mine is the coral one. I was tempted to buy the jade one too. I think I might do next time I stop into Primark! It really looks great on you.



  6. this is a wonderfu outfit! very chic and inspirational... love this so much <3

  7. This is an adorable outfit! I love the color of the skirt!

  8. I love that skirt!! Gorgeous color and fit! xx

  9. I just love the color palette of this outfit. So very pretty.

  10. i LOVE those colors together. seriously. you look adorable

  11. It's true, that skirt and blazer are perfect together. This outfit looks so lovely on you. And what a gorgeous day! The weather is oddly warm here too although it's very rainy instead of sunny. It's nice to take time to enjoy the sunshine when there hasn't been a lot of it.

  12. Hi Sian. Thanks for your comment! I love this green pleated skirt. Such a great, versatile piece.


  13. I love that skirt! Very cute blog! :)

    xo Eden


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