I'm back home for Easter now =) So I pretty much gave myself the weekend off working, except for about an hour when I tried to get some dissertation reading done and ended up with a massive headache, so that failed. I've pretty much just spent this weekend visiting people: obviously I've spent most of the time at home with the family, but we also went to see Ben's family, his aunty who's been ill recently and his grandad, and today I've been to see my grandparents on both sides - I've been quite the little socialite this weekend, although not exactly my age the people I've been seeing!!
So this outfit is from last night - we went out for a meal with my family just to a local pub, and as always I was overdressed!! I asked my mum what she thought I should wear, and she said jeans, as they always tell me because they get a little embarrassed by my overdressedness, so to counteract the boredom of the jeans I decided to wear heels, well flatforms. But I was still overdressed for my little area at home =D
Pink Blazer: Primark
Striped Top: Republic
Belt: Primark
Leigh Jeans: Topshop
Flatforms: New Look
How do you like my newest blog pose above?! My sister was taking my photos and she told me to try out a different pose, so I asked how she thought I should pose....and this was the result!! A pigeon toed duck face with neck ache!! Not sure I'll be doing this one again too soon!! Thought it would be funny to show you it anyway though =D
I'm still waiting on my camera to come back - it's been gone for 3 months now, absolutely ridiculous. I've phoned Canon 4 times again in the last week and keep being told that it'll be done in so many days, but when those days are up, I'm just told to wait some more days. It turned out they only ordered the part it needed on Wednesday...after it had been in the Canon Service Centre 16 days, when apparently the maximum time for it being fixed and returned is 10 days. So it could be at least another week until I get it back. I've 'owned' the camera for 7 months but only had it in my possession for 4 of those months. I can't believe it.
Anyway, I'll be back soon with another outfit post and hopefully good news about my camera, I need to phone them up again tomorrow, this will be about my 30th call to them (and I'm actually not exaggerating for once!!), including a few to the US, wonder how much this is costing me in phone bills?!
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  1. I hope you get your camera back soon hun! There is nothing more frustrating than having to call a company over and over again and not getting any answers! Grr! Love the outfit though! :) Loving your flat forms :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Really cute outfit! I love the soft colors. I always tend to be a little overdressed when I go out too...so sad. But better overdressed than underdressed, I always say.

  3. This is so chic! I love the striped top and your shes are beautiful!

    Hope your camera arrives soon!



  4. I really like the feminine, tailored look of this outfit. It's really shown off by your new glamorous pose (haha!)

    Hope you get your camera back soon. I can't believe how ridiculous the situation has been!

  5. loving your striped blouse


  6. I love those shoes! Hope you get you camera back soon, dear. :)


  7. Love the outfit! :)
    Do need some coloured blazers in my life.
    well done on visiting everyone, youll prob find it wont be a break with all the running around.
    Hope you get your camera back and sorted soon!


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