How to Cure Boredom on a Long Trip

Ah, travel. Arguably the greatest privilege there is, right? If you look at your Instagram feed and stumble upon the pics of the lucky ones who are off on their adventures, you would be forgiven for quite literally thinking that it’s all sunshine and rainbows. However… there’s a darker side. Nope, I’m not talking about anything dangerous or scary. The worst part is actually probably boredom.

How can you get bored while exploring new lands, you might ask? Well, in all honesty, the answer is pretty easy. Head to Asia, and it feels like half your life is spent on a night bus. Or, if you’re stuck in a car with kids on a road trip, well, it can really seem like an eternity. To be honest, the chances are that at some point on your travels, there will be some downtime – so don’t get stuck without any options when it comes to what to do.

On The Go? Mobile Gaming Is For You

In 2016, it was estimated that around 71% of adults owned a smartphone. It doesn’t matter how long your journey is, having a game to keep your mind off things makes time fly, and thankfully, smartphones are among the best devices to play them on.

These days, mobile gaming websites utilise apps of their own, which means that they’re ready to go on the move. Their usability is high, with an added bonus in that you don’t have to use the data connection to load pages which are really more suited to desktops. Having an app also means your details are already inputted, so you don’t need to do so each time. Worried about where your details go? As long as you’re giving them to reputable gaming brands, you shouldn’t be. As it says on Sun Bingo’s home page, they promise that player details are 100% secure – so whether you’re playing Beach Life slots to get you in the mood for your destination, or Heart of the Jungle if you’re a little more adventurous, you’ll know that breached security is one risk you won’t face whilst away!

Sometimes you just won’t have access to the Internet, and it’s a fact of travel that it’s best to accept. Prepare in advance by downloading games that can be enjoyed by everyone. Uno is a real crowd pleaser – you don’t have to remember an actual pack of cards as there’s an app for that, but you may well win yourself a few mates on a particularly heinous overnight bus ride!

Uno” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Natecull

Get Back Into Reading

Phones run out of juice. It’s a sad reality in 2017, but guess what? They still do. Alternatively, they can be stolen, ruined.. etc. Take things old school, and make sure to always pack a book. Nope, not one you’ve downloaded onto Kindle, but a real book, where you can actually turn the pages.

Amazon has a whole range of books to choose from, which is perfect for anyone out of the whole literature game who wants to read reviews, first. You can even buy second-hand ones, if purchasing new is too much of an investment away from that precious travel fund!

Perfect by Cecelia Ahern

Make New Friends

Okay, sure. At home, the weirdo on the bus talking to everyone is, well, the weirdo on the bus talking to everyone! However, travel should always be about expanding your horizons, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and meeting new people. You’re on an adventure after all!

Start conversations with a friendly face. What’s the worst that could happen? Alright, don’t go there. But chances are, you’ll make some friends for life – and it will all start with that funny story of where you were the weirdo on the bus!


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