Cupcake Day! 19/02/10

This is from Friday as I forgot to post before XD!

Well, I was still ill on Friday, so my boyfriend said he’d cook some tea for me if I came round, so I set off from mine which is about a 15min walk from his flat, but on the way I was crowded and shouted at very rudely by about 20 boys who were a little bit older than me I think, and then nearly run over as a car sped through a red light. I was so upset by this point I had to ring Ben to come and get me. So when we got back, he said I could make some cupcakes to cheer up!

Here are the lovely cases I bought from the Laing Art Gallery shop, plus all the ingredients.
But of course my day gets more disastrous…! Being me, I read the recipe wrong and proceeded to pour 100ml of coffee mixture into the mix rather than 3 teaspoons!! So we had to throw the first lot away.
But they were alright in the end!

Can you see I already spilt the flour?!

I think they turned out alright…second time round anyway!! They were supposed to have walnuts in but I used them all up in the first mix, oops!!
Well, my mum enjoyed them anyway, she came to visit me with my sister and her friend, and my friend and her mum came too, and we had our cupcakes and watched Pride and Prejudice at the Theatre Royal on Saturday afternoon, it was so lovely! I love that book!

<3 <3 <3

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