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New Petticoat

Yaaaaay I finally bought a petticoat after months of thinking: “Should I? Shouldn’t I??”
It’s probably not a very good one though, it looks a little bit like a tutu rather than a petticoat but it has beautiful lace on the bottom, and I just want it to add a bit of volume to my skirts. I love the Lolita look, but I don’t think I could pull it off completely so I’m adding my own twist to it!
This is the link for the petticoat, I can’t save the picture 🙁
I was feeling ill this morning (I don’t want to bother everyone by explaining lol so I won’t!) so I had to miss Uni, but I felt a bit better later and my boyfriend took me into town. I wanted that bubble skirt from H&M, I only have a tiny pic of it!

But I think it must be all sold out now :(. But we had a look in Primark too and I got some really cute white mid-heels with a bow on the front and a strap across the ankle, I’ll be posting a look with them soon!



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