New Clothes (again…oops!)

Today I went up to Newcastle to clean out my flat that I’m going to be living in at uni next year with my boyfriend. I couldn’t help but have a little look in the shops of course! We popped into Primark but it was super busy and I didn’t find anything I really liked so we went to H&M instead because I wanted a high-waist bikini I’d heard they have in there but I couldn’t find any =(
But it was fine in the end because I found a skirt I’ve been wanting for ages that has come back into stock.

(I got this picture from Karolina’s blog, she has really great outfits and I first saw this skirt there!)
I also bought the top in my Lookbook picture above, here are a few more pics of it, I love the lace panel on the back and it’s so simple it’ll go with so many of my skirts, jeans and shorts. I also bought the flower I’m wearing in my hair today:

My boyfriend got a new camera on Friday so we took lots of pictures testing it out!
We also moved some stuff around in our flat, he lived there last year with a flatmate but he’s moved out now so we get his room that was much bigger but it’s a bit empty yet:

This is what I do when I’m relaxing haha! I don’t know why because people usually do it when they suck their thumb but I never did that!!
Anyway that’s all for now =)

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