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My friend Lizzi, who I was at school with from the age of 3 till 18, is moving away this summer =( She’s lived about 2 miles away from me my whole life (which is the closest of all my friends living around the area) and now she’ll be hundreds away!! Her dad was the procurator at our school and their family is very popular around so we had a mini leaving party at our old school for her. I love the school because it’s an old castle, and a lot of our old teachers were there so it was lovely to see them all. So here’s some pictures of Lizzi and I:

The castle is our old school =) It’s such a lovely building and was an amazing place to go to school. We were actually only there for 3 years because our old school merged with this one, the old one was in an old manor house which was an amazing building too with the best gardens!! Our playground was “The Rose Garden”, obviously an old rose garden that they filled with playhouses, seesaws etc, and the sand pit was an old well! If I find some pictures I might post them! So anyway, here are some more of the castle itself:

We went for a walk round the gardens here too, actually I tell a lie, we weren’t walking we were skipping and it wasn’t “for a walk”, it was to try and find a way into the castle hee hee, but it was too late and they had some French children for a holiday course thing and they’d locked up the school!

An outfit photo now:

Flower Hair Clip: I had it when I was little and just found it again!
Maxi Dress: TK Maxx
Tied Cropped Cardigan: Portugal

And Lizzi’s dress was from Zara I think. I planned to wear my white one, but Lizzi said she was wearing hers so I decided not to as it was her party!!
Now some…interesting photos… my sister and I tried to take some cool jumping photos…unsuccessfully haha!! As you will now see:

And this is where it all ended in tears when I missed a step as I ran back up them and fell on my knee!! The carpet is one of those really weird sort of bumpy hard ones and I have indents in my knee from it!!

I’m going to New England tomorrow with my family on holiday so probably won’t be able to post for a while! But I’ll post my pictures when I’m back soooo BYE!!!!

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  1. August 6, 2010 / 2:23 am

    Thanks for your comment and for joining my swap.

    I love these pictures 🙂 I hope your knee is alright though. I hate when I trip up the stairs.

    Oh and your old school is beautiful!

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