Belsay Hall

This weekend I went to visit Belsay Hall in Northumberland which isn’t very far from where I live in Newcastle, so Ben and I went up to stay in our flat (wow, I feel so grown up, having my own flat and sharing with a boy!! Eeeekkk!!). Then we met my mum, dad and sister there.

At the moment there are some crazy exhibitions going on there, called “Extraordinary Measures” (watch the video in this link!). In the hall there were pieces by Ron Mueck, I only remembered to get one picture, but they were mainly human figures (eg: a giant naked man!!) in strange sizes, too big or too small but so life-like it was scary! I got this picture of a chicken (I think?) hanging from the ceiling of the main hall:

I really loved the architecture, most likely for the reason that it was modelled on ancient Greek/Roman building! The columns, the way the hall was set out like a villa with the portico like structure surrounding an atrium etc.

Then in the gardens which led to a castle were other art works such as photos of these miniatures hidden around the grounds, made and set up by Slinkachu. They are supposed to be people on a day trip to the hall and he leaves them hidden until they are taken or disappear.

This exhibition above was crazy, made from real animals, they seem to be being attacked by tiny skeletal fairies, and they are covered in hedgehog spines and feathers and all sorts, by the artist Tessa Farmer. It was a bit scary to be honest!!
Another exhibition is this:

A giant window inbetween the cliff edges, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, see Mariele Neudecker’s website here.
And finally in the grounds was this piece by Freddie Robins. Inside the hall we watched a video about this, it depicts two knitted robins and is inspired by the Greek myth of the Labyrinth. It probably appeals to me more than everyone else again because of the Greekishness but who doesn’t like Greek myths? Just me? Okay haha! Anyone, the husband robin is going into the labyrinth and leaving his wife behind, but using the wool from her red breast to lead him out, and she is crying tears of blood, I just think it’s so sad, it makes me want to cry =( but it is an amazing piece.

You can just see the labyrinth in the background. (Sorry the picture quality is awful, they were behind glass and it was too dark without the flash!!)

Finally you reach this amazing castle which had a stunning piece in called: “The Garden of Unearthly Delights” by Mat Collishaw. It is a moving piece so you need to watch the video on the website! But it was really amazing, with strobe lighting.

The ones below are taken in the giant window, the glass reflected but you could see through it at the same time so it was really weird! One is of me and Ben, the other just me!

You can see my mum walking past in the left one and my sister in the right!
Outfit details:
Striped Blue/Black Cardigan: H&M
Blue Bow Top: Topshop
Faded High Waist Jeans: Topshop sale (£15!)
Brown Leather Peep Toe Cut Out Pumps: Topshop

Ring from Topshop, I wanted a different one but there were none in my size and I’m terrified of getting them stuck on my fingers haha!

And finally, me with a massive leaf!! =)

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  1. August 19, 2010 / 3:52 pm

    Wow! this place is awesome! totally want to go now ^,^

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