Burberry AW10

Of all the AW shows this year, I have to say I think Burberry Prorsum was my favourite. I never thought I would say Burberry was my favourite designer of a season, especially since the “Chav” culture it’s associated with in the UK, but this collection seemed sophisticated, yet casual and very wearable. I’m just dying for a Shearling Aviator, they look so cozy!! The only reason I’m truly looking forward to autumn this year is because I want one of those for it!!

And then the Shearling boots, they seem so lovely and warm again, with perfect buckles and platform, and I think they go so well with a nice pair of woollen, chunky tights. The only problem I have with them is that the heel is a little thin for my winter boot taste, I’d prefer a thicker chunkier heel. Which is why I think for this I would rather have a cheaper (although not a lot much!!) pair of Jeffrey Campbell Denmark Sherpa Booties:

Aaaah they’re so perfect!! And they seem to be based on the same frame as the Splendids, therefore I think they will be so comfortable to wear just like them! The studs, the lacing, the chunky heel and the woollen fold over….I’m dying! I need these =D

I think with my current student budget and considering that I just got my first pair of JCs (!) I will not be able to afford the Denmarks =( but these ones above from New Look seem a fairly good version (ish…) I’m going to have a look at them tomorrow but I’m not too keen on the sole, and oh I wish they just had a platform!!

I’m also quite liking these Topshop ones, even though they are flat, which is in fact a lot more sensible for me!! I have to say the colour is very nice and I like the shape.

I’ve also spotted this jacket at New Look which is a pretty good version of the Shearling Aviator, so I might have a look at that too, I do need a new winter coat actually, my Primark military style one from last year just isn’t up to the job this year as the buttons are falling off =(
So what do you think of this collection? Do you like it as much as me??

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