I’m back! =) (picture heavy!)

I’m sorry I’ve been away from my blog so long… we went to New Hampshire and since we got back I’ve been working to save money for my next holiday with Ben (we’re going to Turkey!). Anyway, I’m off ill today and sent my sister in my place haha, but we’re both in tomorrow. Want to see my work outfit? Okay then (!!):

Haha I work in my dad’s bakery, making cakes etc about 3 days a week and in the office once or twice a week. This day I had been doing caramel slices (yum!) and I was the messiest!!

We have hundreds of pictures from New England, each of my family took their own camera, so we have four lots of photos and I took 400 by myself!! So I’ll just post a few. Above is a view from the Mt Washington Auto Road.

Guinness World Records Longest Candy Counter!! (In Littleton, NH). We had to visit there twice haha, first and last day, need some of those amazing American sweeties to take home!! Outfit from this day:
Brown Vest Top: My mum’s old top, from Monsoon
Checked Shorts: (randomly) from Busch Gardens!!

 Why yes we did go to the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory ahaha…. amaaaazing!! Well the factory wasn’t brilliant but the free ice cream was!! We got to try a new flavour, Milk and Cookies, I really liked it, I hope it comes to the UK!

This was at a museum in Burlington I think, it was an awesome museum but I can’t remember the name for the life of me!! It was basically a “collection of collections”. Oh I remembered it’s the Shelburne Museum!! There’s a massive Steam Boat, an old train station (above), a circus building, and a collection of old houses that have been moved there and reconstructed, some in there original state, and some filled with all the collections like dolls and vases. Outfit above:
Pink Open Back Bodice: Miss Selfridge
High Waisted Denim Shorts: Topshop
Sandals (with ballet shoe-like straps): Accessorize (at the airport)

 And now on top of Mount Washington, it’s the highest mountain in the North East and has the highest ever recorded wind speed of 231mph on April 10th 1934. So as you can see it was pretty windy up there that day too!! And a little chilly!! Outfit from above:
Old grey cardigan: New Look
White Vest Top: Random shop in Virginia I think (we travelled around a part of the US in 2008 and I know I got it then, I just don’t know where and when!)
Floral Print Shorts: Parents brought them back from Barcelona for me!

Stole my sister’s hat!! It’s from Accessorize and pretty awesome!

We went whale-watching in Massachusetts which was soooo good, we saw loads of whales, this is probably the only good picture I got though, and you can see how big the whale is compared to the boat! We saw dolphins too.

Cupcake!! Just coz it’s awesome, but it was massive and I couldn’t finish it =(

This was an amazing view from a place called Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire. It used to be a private house which is now open to the public and is very interesting, the views are definitely worth it.

We like playing in lakes! This one was so warm but I didn’t have my bikini on =( Outfit:
Navy V-neck T-shirt: Primark
High Waist Blue Polka Dot Skirt: Primark
Oooh I didn’t realise the whole outfit was Primark haha!

Another view, another outfit.
Floral Print Vest Top: Abercrombie (I bought it there!)
Brown Shorts: Random shop in Rome 2 years ago.

And just a cool picture to finish with, a massive storm when we were at the coast and I managed to snap this photo! I was so proud of myself even though it was a bit blurred!
Sorry this is such a long post, I’ll hopefully get back to regular posting now!! =)

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