Finally I’m doing a post about Turkey! I went with my boyfriend for a week to an All Inclusive hotel called Grand Yazici Mares. We ended up with an amazing room, in fact it was a suite! It had a massive bed, a living area, a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom with…. wait for it….. wait for it….. 3 showers!! THREE?! We only ever would need 2 at once!! =D It was crazy!! Oh and a bubble bath – awesome!!

This is the living area of our room, and I’m wearing:
Strapless Dress: New Look (via eBay)
Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Clogs: Urban Outfitters

We bought some cards haha!

We had a really amazing view, as you can see, we actually got up at sunrise one day for a trip, I think this is a spot of very good photography, I’m going to pretend I took it (….it was Ben….ssshhh!!)

It was really hot, like 40 – 45 degrees every day!! I’m not sure what that is in Fahrenheit, but it’s over 100 I know!! So I pretty much spent all my time in my bikini! This one is from Matalan, it’s actually not matching because they were out of the bottoms, but I think it works quite well.

Ben being cool haha!
And one from Primark, although you can only see the bottoms, and the amazing sea (it was so beautiful and
clear and lovely!)

Haha you can see my birthmark, apparently it looks like Australia!
Anyway, we didn’t do a lot, but one day we went on a trip to the Dalyan River where we had a river boat trip to some mud baths, then to a restaurant for lunch, then past some ancient rock tombs and past the sunken city of Kaunos (which we couldn’t see) and then to a turtle conservation nesting beach. I really loved the whole trip, it had a bit of everything, fun, history, nature and sun!!

These are pictures from every element of the trip, I actually took the one of the turtle, I was so proud of my picture!! They were feeding them blue crab, and later they cooked some that they had just caught out the river and we ate one, it was really nice actually, I’d never tried crab before, it was very sweet, but difficult to get into!!
Finally, although it was an all inclusive hotel, it had a couple of a la carte restaurants that were also included. We liked the “Camlik” best, a Turkish BBQ restaurant, so we went twice, and on our last night because we thought it would be a nice end to the holiday =)

So that’s about it really!! =) Have any of you been anywhere exciting on holiday this summer?

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