Daily Outfit Challenge – Day 10

Day 10  Saturday 16/10/10

Pink Woolly Cardigan: Topshop
Floral Print Top: Zara
Jeans: Primark
Socks: No idea (!) They were just for lounging around the house =)

I did take pictures from the rest of the weekend and today too, I promise! But they’re on my boyfriend’s camera which I think he’s taken to work with him, or else I can’t find it.
I’m feeling really poorly today, I think I’ve just picked up a cold (or “Fresher’s Flu” which everyone else has got over but I’ve just got =( ). I’m supposed to have a Greek lecture right now but I’m in right up till 6pm today and working tonight too so I’m going to go in at 1pm.
I had a really lovely weekend, but I’ll write about that when I post the rest of the pictures because then you can see what I was wearing and doing all weekend then, but we went out for a meal and on Sunday we went mushroom hunting!! It was so much fun =)


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