Daily Outfit Challenge – Day 23

Day 23  Friday 29/10/10

Navy Cardigan: Primark
Stripy Floral Dress: Primark
Tights: M&S
Black Flats: Primark

Haha, that is probably a bad thing that practically my whole outfit is from Primark!! I was actually going to wear my black studded heels with this outfit, but I just could really be bothered, so on went the cheapo Primark flats!
I haven’t really had that much of an interesting day today =) Just had one lecture and then I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up after last night! I had 2 of my friends round for a meal, I did the butter chicken I mentioned last night and it was lovely, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures!! We had a lovely girly night just eating curry, ice cream and chocolate, then chatting and watching Friends. I wish they would do things like that more often, rather than going out drinking all the time, but nevermind! I think we are going to do this more often though, so that’ll be nice!


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