Daily Outfit Challenge – Day 22

Day 22  Thursday 28/10/10

Tie Front Cardigan: Portugal
White T Shirt: H&M
Floral Print Skirt: Vintage
Red/Pink Tights: George at Asda
Boots: Chockers Shoes
I’ve noticed while I’ve been doing this challenge that I have been typing “Floral Print” a lot, therefore I obviously wear a lot of florals haha, I didn’t realise before! Also I seem to have been a bit more diverse with tights this autumn, last year I remember wearing a lot of black tights, this year I’ve been wearing all sorts of colours! I want some the colour of my yellow jumper though, or orangey maybe.
A couple of my friends that live in Newcastle too are coming round for tea at my house tonight and I’m making them a Butter Chicken, it’s a recipe from Something For The Weekend that I’ve done before and it was really nice, but I always make quite a few changes to recipes so really I just use them as guidelines.
Better get on with tidying before they come round now =D



  1. October 30, 2010 / 9:28 pm

    love those boots!!

    Charlotte xxx

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