Daily Outfit Challenge (and Scotland…again!)

Day 19  Monday 25/10/10

Yellow Jumper: (New!) George at Asda
Waist Belt: Zara
Floral Skirt: H&M
Brown Tights: M&S
Furry Lace Up Boots: Chockers Shoes

Ok, so this is my real outfit from today haha! Ben and I popped to the supermarket earlier to get our food shop, and we had a quick look in the clothes section and I came across this beauty! I’m loving the mustard yellow colour, the thick knit and the little bobbles on it!! It’s actually sort of cropped, I was going to wear it with jeans but it was too short, especially for this chilly weather so I think high waisted skirts/jeans will go really well with it!
Now the boots, yay!! They took forever to come so I really appreciate them now, especially because I’ve been getting really cold feet =D Now they’re lovely and toasty. I’d never tried this website before now, but apart from the delivery taking a while (only because I’m too stingy to pay extra for quicker p&p!) they were really good! The boots only cost £30, whereas the ones I’ve been seeing on the high street are at least £40 and these feel as good, if not better, quality.

So as I mentioned, Ben and I went up to Pitlochry (well near there) this weekend to visit my parents and sister who are having a week’s holiday in a lodge there. We had a really lovely time. Even though we only got there on Saturday afternoon we managed to pack in quite a lot! On the Saturday we just went to a fish ladder at a dam but it was closed so we just had a little walk around it. Then yesterday we went to the Scottish Crannog Centre, where I took the pictures above, it’s so a lovely landscape around there, and oh the beautiful trees! Everyone got so fed up of me saying: “Look at how beautiful the trees are!”. So the Crannog Centre is a sort of museum about Crannogs, which are ancient houses that used to sit on the loch, see the picture below:

That’s my daddy, and my mummy and sister in the background =D We went to this centre when my sister and I were little so we were both very nostalgic! We had a brilliant guide who showed us other things like how to make a hole in rock (!), spin yarn and make a fire (the way it would have been done about 2500 years ago).

So here’s me, Beth (sister), and Ben making holes in rocks haha! I actually loved the cloaks they let us wear! Everyone kept calling me Red Riding Hood, but it kept me lovely and warm.
We also went to a Whiskey Distillery in the afternoon, where we had a proper Scottish guide give us a tour in a kilt, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures (but Beth did!) but Ben bought me a bottle of creamy Whiskey liqueur which was lovely =)
Then yesterday night we went to something very different which was a show in the woods around a loch called “Force of Nature”. It was a light and sound show that you walked around it a circuit. It was really good and a little spooky in the woods at night!!
Anyway, I’d better go now, I have hair dye on my head, waiting for it to colour, I’m scared because it might be very red!! I’ll leave you with a nice picture of the sun on a loch:


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4 responses to “Daily Outfit Challenge (and Scotland…again!)”

  1. BM says:

    thanks for your sweet comment! omg i adore your jumper

    new outfit post now on my blog 🙂


  2. Dodo says:

    Nice combination! Love the colours! And don’t you just love medieval stuff? 😛

  3. Dodo says:

    Yeah I’m always a bit behind on replying on comments 😛 It’s always nice to hear that people really like my style! To me it feels that I still need to learn a lot and that I’m always in some kind of transition haha.
    You live in Newcastle? 🙂

  4. Candy Rosie says:

    Thanks 😀
    And i love your boots !!



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