Daily Outfit Challenge (Halloween Special…sort of!) – Day 24

Day 24  Saturday 30/10/10

Mustard Yellow Jumper (again, I’m sorry!): George at Asda
Belt: Primark
White T Shirt (can’t actually see it!): H&M
Floral Print Skirt (see below for more info!): Miss Selfridge
Purple Tights: New Look
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell “Splendid” Clogs (best shoes EVER!)

Ok, so I thought I’d set this post out a little differently since it’s not just about the outfit today. I’m really loving this jumper, it makes me feel so autumny haha! I felt as though I matched the leaves in the pictures =) So today I’m just spending the day at home in Newcastle, we’re going to go into town later to return some library books, and do a bit of shopping then cook some awesome tea later =D

So the Halloween element of this post, it isn’t really terribly Halloweeny except for the fact that I’m in a graveyard haha! I’ve been desperate to take pictures here for ages, and I needed Ben as my photographer as I would feel very silly using self timer here because so many people walk their dogs here. What I find a little bit more scary about this is that the graveyard is actually straight outside our window! We don’t often go into it though, but it gets such lovely dappled light through the trees that it’s perfect for photos.

Haha sorry about that last one, almost flashing you all!! Now a word about the skirt; I’m taking part in a Clothing Swap which I am very very excited about, eeek! And I put this skirt up as part of it, but decided I would wear it again so that people can see how I wear it then do their own take on it. I have worn it very summery before but not for about 2 years now (I’ve had it quite a long time!), but I think it might look really nice with like some cowboy boots or something, I just don’t have any to try it, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the girls in the swap will get on with it =D

Haha I love that first photo above of me throwing the leaves!! Also you can sort of see how different my hair colour is now, in some of the photos it even looks a bit purpley if you look closely haha! Anyway, if you look in the background of the last two photos, then pretend you can see a little to the left (the bit that the church is blocking), that’s my flat! We’re on the ground floor, and we have one of the big windows as our living room window, so it’s actually a really nice view to have in a city. In the earlier pictures you can also see the River Tyne in the background and also The Sage, and when all the leaves are gone you can see the Millenium Bridge, so it’s quite nice really =)
Better go because we’re going into town soon, but tomorrow we’re going to Lindisfarne to see the Castle and the Abbey there, so hopefully I’ll have some good pictures from that for you =D And I’ll explain all about Lindisfarne (Holy Island) in the post.



  1. October 30, 2010 / 9:26 pm

    I love this outfit!! and I’m glad you featured the skirt- great idea for getting us inspired for the swap!! I love that jumper too- I work as Asda at home and I never find anything nice to use my discount on!!
    Also- it makes me really happy that you’re Northern like me so you call Dinner Tea.
    No-one at Uni knows what I mean and it’s even worse here!!
    Great photos :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. October 31, 2010 / 10:13 am

    Thank you so much ♥
    i really like ur blog & ur style 🙂

  3. November 2, 2010 / 12:24 pm

    Hey girly thanks for the comment 🙂
    These photos are beautiful, they remind me of my post, haha vain much? I also threw leaves around much to my boyfriends amusement, but the pictures didn’t look so great! I want a grave yard next to my flat, i love the peaceful mood they always seem to have, i’d be out there reading everyday! (& your flat is lush btw!)
    This jumper is lovely, i want it! Is it new(ish)? I shall have to hot foot it down to asda and have a looky?

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