Boy Clothes in Snovember: Style Challenge Day 1

Pretty light snow pictures =) I haven’t edited the two pictures above, I took them yesterday afternoon when there was a really lovely light that changed to this pinkish colour, so pretty =D It then resulted in something I have never heard of before, Thundersnow! I was in bed and I swear I saw this flash, but Ben didn’t believe me, and then I could hear this rumbling; it took me forever to connect it, but I realised eventually it was a thunderstorm, and it was snowing =S It was really strange, and it has continued on and off today. Apparently thundersnow is quite rare because you have to have the exact right conditions of the upper air being colder than the air closer to the ground, but that air still has to be cold enough for snow, but warm enough so it can rise to create a storm….or something like that!

The snow has probably about doubled overnight and today from what you can see in the pictures. I really had an awful day because of it. I managed to get to Greek this morning, but only two of us turned up for Latin so he sent us home, but I’d ploughed my way through a blizzard to get there and ended up looking like a snowman! My boots got soaked through though, because we are on the outskirts of the centre so here and my walk to the bus was just sort of mid-calf high snow, but once you’re in town, it’s all slushy and melted along the roads and pavements, so there were massive puddles through the middle of my campus, and my boots from last year (from Barratts) just couldn’t cope with that.

It was a proper blizzard as I was walking from the bus into uni, that’s about a 10 minute walk, and I got there soaking wet and snowoman-like and sat there for 15 minutes before he told us to leave =( (it’s supposed to be a two hour lecture). I’d spent 6 hours yesterday preparing for this lecture too because I’d got a bit behind on my translation. Oh well, at least I’m ahead on it now. I was supposed to have Latin this afternoon too but I just couldn’t get there, plus the other boy from Latin who did turn up earlier said he wasn’t going to be able to make it now he’d sent us back, so I’d have been sent away from that too! It’s pretty useless really!
Anyway, the point of my title today is that the T-shirt I’m wearing is actually one I bought for Ben because it was on sale in Primark (sales in Primark!! It just seems crazy!!) But they only had a small, and it doesn’t fit him, so I sort of stole it…! But he says it actually looks good on me, so that’s ok! I know a lot of other people wear boy’s and men’s clothes, but I’ve never found any that suit me, but this isn’t so bad!! It actually looks better with jeans but I wasn’t feeling jeans-y today, I wore them yesterday though.

Black Cardigan: Topshop
Stripy T Shirt: Primark (men’s £2)
Waist Belt: Topshop
Dogtooth Skirt: New Look (it’s old and 2 sizes too big, hence the belt!)
Black Tights: M&S


  1. November 29, 2010 / 6:53 pm

    this looks really cute :]]]
    i am the completely wrong shape to pull of the baggy, oversized clothes look but some girls just look amazing doing it!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. November 29, 2010 / 10:32 pm

    despite the blizzard you look very cite and the snow photos you took came out amazing

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