Daily Outfit Challenge – Day 29

Day 29  Thursday 4/11/10

Two Birds T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Red Velvet Skirt (New!): Primark
Green Tights: Primark
T Bar Heels: Primark

Oh my goodness I didn’t realise that half my outfit is, again, from Primark!! Although I’m not wearing it in these pictures I am actually wearing my big pink cardigan today but it doesn’t match the rest of the outfit, I’m just wearing it to sit around haha! I’m doing a lot of that today because I’m poorly =( Just a cold or something, again… You might have realised by now, I get ill quite a lot, although a lot less than I used to since I had my tonsils out last year, although that’s another story! I will tell you all about it in a separate post if you want haha but I’d probably get quite gruesome with the details =D Basically I just have a terrible immune system and I’m going to stop moaning about it now, sorry!
I’m very excited because I’m going home this weekend for Bonfire Night to see the bonfire and fireworks in a town near where I live, it’s only a tiny little town, a market town, so it’s not very big, but I usually know a lot of people there so it’s nice. My family, including my grandparents and sometimes aunties, uncles and cousins, have gone nearly every year, but I missed it last year because I was at uni, so this year I’ve decided to go home for it. I used to be scared of the fireworks when I was little and was convinced I was being burnt by sparks from them haha, but now I love them! Although I don’t think you can beat the ones in Disneyworld! I’m very much looking forward to going next year; we’ve been maybe 7 times before, and we’re taking Ben for his first time to Disneyworld, first time to Florida, and first to America actually!! I don’t care that I’m 20, I still love Disney!!
I’m rambling now, so I’ll go and get back to Greek translation, spent the morning doing Homer’s Iliad Book 1, and now I’m onto Aeschylus’ Choephori.



  1. November 4, 2010 / 4:09 pm

    oh my god that skirt is just gorgeous!!!! the velvet looks amazing,i am so jealous that Primark is not in Canada, the clothes just look so cute!!

  2. November 5, 2010 / 3:01 pm

    adore that skirt!

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