Daily Outfit Challenge – Day 28

Day 28  Wednesday 3/11/10

Grey Cardigan: New Look
“Love My Bones” T-Shirt: Topshop
Red Double U Neck Dress: American Apparel
Black Tights: M&S
Fur Top Boots: Chockers Shoes

I like Wednesdays, only one hour of lectures! Except some weeks when I have note taking at 9am, which isn’t so fun, but still isn’t too bad. So I’ve only had an hour of Greek translation today and then I accidentally found my way to Primark…oops =O Haha! They have loads of lovely velvet things in at the moment, and I’ve been wanting something velvetty for a while now. I couldn’t choose better skater style dress, tight skirt or flowy flippy skirt (they also had a maxi skirt, but it was a tight one and I’ve already discovered they don’t suit me!). I decided on a cute flippy skirt, then I had the choice of black, deep red or navy blue. I went for the red in the end because it just seemed a nice autumny wintery colour! I think I’ll wear it tomorrow so you can see the effort of my toils haha! I also got a few pairs of tights (yellow and green finally!!) so expect to be seeing those soon too =D
So now I just have to translate a lot of Tacitus, I don’t like Tacitus =( I much prefer doing Homer and Virgil, but they’re just so predictable for Classicists to read, nevermind!


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  1. Voguerella says:

    Thaanks ♥
    and in the next days you’ll see on my blog, it’s a special nail polish (:

  2. Abbey says:

    This outfit looks awesome on you! Jealous! 🙂

  3. Really like your shoes, thanks for your comments!

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