Daily Outfit Challenge Culmination

So here are all my outfit photos from the last month =) The first collage is them all then they’re in order in sixes. Which do you all like best?? You might not even be able to see them all because they’re a bit small, sorry! But I didn’t want like thousands of collages haha!
So you’re probably all wondering which outfit I chose last night…wellllll…. I chose number 2! That’s actually the one most of you said too so yay! I really liked wearing it too, and I chose my Jeffrey Campbells to wear with it too because they’re just so ridiculously comfortable, I’ve never had any heels as comfortable as these before, I can actually wear them for hours then take them off and not feel any aches, pains or blisters whatsoever! I was going to do like a little reveal picture of me wearing the outfit out for this post, buuuut I didn’t take my camera and my friend hasn’t send me the pictures yet so I’m waiting for that, then I’ll do a little post on it =D
It was a really good night anyway though, I saw one of my best friends who’s at uni somewhere else and I don’t see her very often so it was lovely! I ended up coming back about 1am because I had work this morning, so I didn’t really drink much either, not that I like even drinking a lot either, and my reason was proven today when my visiting friend had to run to the toilets to be sick in the middle of a shopping centre – she now says she’s going teetotal haha!
I’ll be back soon with a post on last night! When I get the pictures anyway =)


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  1. November 11, 2010 / 2:05 am

    I love this collage!!
    I really enjoyed your daily outfit challenge- I’m having fun with mine even though at the moment it’s my same-shorts-for-a-week challenge.
    I’m so glad you inspired me to do this though :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

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