I’m sorry if I got you excited by the title of this post, but technically it contains no baking =( As I mentioned, in the holidays I work in my dad’s bakery, so yesterday morning and this morning that’s all I’ve been doing, hence why I have done no outfit post, unless this constitutes as an outfit (?!):

This is from when I was in there in summer, now my legs are covered and I have more sensible bakery shoes, ie. trainers rather than plimsolls because I tend to drop heavy things on my toes! Also my hat today was blue, not yellow, if you’re interested, we have to change hat colours every week, it alternates between yellow, blue and green. Blue is the most flattering though.
So anyways, I’m so tired from it!! I finish at about 12.30pm which is really nice because I get the rest of the day to do whatever I want, but it means starting work at 7am, ie. getting there at 6.50am, ie. setting off at 6.40am-ish, not fun =( But I really enjoy doing it. I would never have thought I would enjoy this type of work, I see myself more as the type of person who would prefer to sit in an office all dressed up not having to do any physical work, but no! Apparently not! And the work isn’t actually just baking, it’s more heavy lifting and pushing things around (and sticking little holly leaves on cakes =D), so I’m always really tired afterwards and achy, especially for the first few days when I haven’t been there for a while (like right now).
I should have taken some photos last night too. I had some old friends round for tea =) They’re friends from home, but Rosie (who you always see in my pictures) goes to Newcastle too, and then there were Helen and Katy too. We all used to go to school together, in fact we were at the same school since we were 3 till 16 (well Rosie from 8 till 18). So we each made a course, I was in charge of dessert, and I made brownies and homemade vanilla ice cream, and we just sat drinking wine and talking, and watching old home videos!! We didn’t go on to late though because of work, but it was still fun and lovely to see them all =)


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  1. December 22, 2010 / 1:20 pm

    I love the victorian lady!!! Im obsessed with the victorian era so every time i see something of it i get all excited!!!

    I feel the same way thinking i was born backwards.

    Marja <3

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