Feeling Dotty

I know, I know! I abandoned you all again!! But I’m hopefully back now =) Just had a busy weekend and now onto a busy last week of uni. I don’t actually have any exams or assignments in for this semester, but my course (Classics) has a lot of ongoing work to do. We have a set amount to translate each semester so every single night I will have at 50 lines of something to translate, which believe me, takes some time! And now we’re reaching the end of the semester and we haven’t finished everything, we’re sort of rushing to finish and I really have to get on with it. Plus we’ve had a couple of extra things timetabled to discuss assignments and things. Eurgh.

So anyway, there I am being pessimistic again!! This is my outfit from Monday, I didn’t get any free time to take pictures until about 7pm, at which point it had been dark for nearly 4 hours so there was no chance of me doing my photos outside, so you’ve got these horrid inside ones, sorry! I also look a tad scruffy because I’d been out and about all day, having classes, lectures, note taking and working in the library.

Maroon Cardigan: Forever21
White Two Birds T Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Polka Dot Dress (yes that’s right, see below!): Vintage
Black Opaque Tights: M&S
Black Flat Oxfords: Primark
So the polka dot garment that I am wearing as a skirt is in fact a dress! I really love this dress by itself, it has a very 60s vibe about it, but I’ve generally only been able to wear it for going out and evening things because it seems a bit too dressy for anything else. It’s from this amazing shop in York called Blue Ballroom, but because it’s quite a way out of the centre, I don’t get to go there much so I don’t actually have many things from there, but I’m going to try and go there more often if I can. We don’t have many vintagey shops around us, so this one is quite a gem. There used to be another that was retro/vintage in York and I loved it, I have quite a collection of clothes from there but they closed to concentrate on their website =(



You can (sort of!) see how the top of the dress is in these old pictures here. I look so different in these pictures haha! The first two are with my flatmates from last year (who I didn’t get on with too well so this was one of the rare nights I spent with them), and I am tanned haha!! It was Fresher’s week when I’d just got back from Portugal, and had my tonsils out (it was a really difficult Fresher’s week because of this! I could barely drink water let alone alcohol!!) And the last picture is with Rosie (who you may remember from other posts) at our “House Punch” at school. Basically House Punches are when we celebrate the feast of the patron saint of our house (yeh…Catholic boarding school), and it was pretty much one of the most exciting things of the year because we could dress up, and if you were over 16 you could drink wine (shock horror!!) Also, SPOT THE MONK IN THE BACKGROUND! Haha, monks are normal for me, everyone else finds them creepy, but personally they are some of the loveliest people I know! Oh and I’m possibly planning a post on how the Catholic boarding school thing has influenced my fashion choices now if that makes sense, anyone think that’ll be interesting or just rubbish?!
So you can see that I’ve only really worn it for evening events, but here I stepped out of my little box and wore it during the day!! I actually got a comment from my Latin teacher (yeh a bit weird) about it.
I have an outfit from today to show you too, but you can wait till tomorrow for that. Also I don’t have many pictures of the Murder Mystery night yet, but I’m waiting for my friend to put hers on Facebook so I can steal them haha!
Oh and the snow just completely melted overnight, yes like a whole foot of it, just gone like that!! So I can wear normal shoes again, so happy!!! =D



  1. December 14, 2010 / 10:26 pm

    i loooveee that polka dress skirt, and the way you’ve layered it is amazing! i think it would be interesting to read about how your school has influenced your style 🙂

  2. December 15, 2010 / 7:57 am

    great outfit!
    you look amazing, i love that cute belt!


  3. December 15, 2010 / 9:50 am

    I love this way of making that pretty dress a bit more casual 🙂 it’s not THAT dressy btw, you could also wear it with a casual fitted tshirt underneath for example, would look cute and a bit more casual! and I think it would be awesome to hear about how catholic boarding school has influenced your dressing! tell us more!

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