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I’ve got the pictures from our walk in the snow on Saturday now =) These are the fields near my house that we always walk our dog in (in fact you can see them here snowless!). There were some places there where the snow was over my knees! The path has become very narrow and has high walls, but of course I didn’t stay on the path!! I’m not going to bother listing my outfit here haha, it’s basically just my ski gear (although I couldn’t squeeze into my ski trousers anymore, so had to wear my old ones!!).

I’m glad I did put my ski stuff on because I was so warm and I could roll around in the snow haha! I had my thermals on underneath all the snowproof stuff =D
I wish I’d taken my camera with me that evening though because we went to a pub, only the most remote pub like…ever, but my dad likes a challenge! The road had been closed for 8 days, and was actually still closed when we drove up it, but that’s just my dad =) There were 16 foot snow drifts on either side of the road, it was crazy, actually there’s an article about it here with pictures, the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge. The owners had been stuck there all that time, and one of my boyfriend’s friends who works there had actually got there, and they looked so surprised when we walked in, they thought we were ghosts or something!! =D We were the only people (unsurprisingly!) in there, and they were almost completely out of food, so we just had gammon and scampi haha, but it was amazing they could provide us with food at all!

Anyway, I was very happy yesterday because my Forever21 stuff arrived, and luckily even though they’d got the delivery address wrong (they sent it to my home one) I was there to get it!! So my outfit today is made up pretty much entirely of Forever21 pieces!! I also got a striped skirt which I wore yesterday evening, and I’ll take picture of another time. I got my sister a few presents from there too but ssshhh! I also got a cute owl necklace which I’ll also show another time.
I picked up my advent calendar at home too =) So I’m quite happy now, also due to the fact that my Latin classes were cancelled today, so I’m doing lots of work and watching Moulin Rouge (awesome film!).

Burgundy Cardigan: Forever21
Navy Dress: Forever21
Black Opaque Tights: M&S
Very cute owl on my cardigan =)
Ooooh that outfit was really short to list haha! I’ve put on no accessories or anything today though because I haven’t been out. I was supposed to have note taking, but I cancelled it for a good reason, this:
(You can read my scarce human dissection notes here too haha!!) Anyway, as those of you who have me on Facebook will probably know, I managed to slice off the top of my thumb while I was trying to cut bread =( It’s got a few plasters on it haha, but it was bleeding everywhere so I stuck it under a cold tap and rang Ben crying, and then my mummy haha. It’s very sore now =( I’m in the wars at the moment! I’m still achy from my fall down the icy stairs on Friday, I hurt my ribs when I did that so they’re very sore, and now my thumb! Nevermind!
Finally, there was this very pretty sunset over the river and the churchyard this afternoon (at like 3.30pm, that’s how early it gets dark nowadays!!). I haven’t edited these pictures at all and I think they’re so pretty, I took about 40 haha!
Well I hope you all had a good weekend and played in the snow like I did =) (if you have snow anyway, although it sounds like most places north of the equator do at the moment!!)


  1. December 6, 2010 / 7:36 pm

    looks like you and your pup had a blast in the snow 🙂

  2. December 6, 2010 / 9:55 pm

    Ohhhhhh snow! Those pictures are gorgeous. The one of you laying in the snow made me laugh.

    It’s summer here so no snow. Actually, it never snows in Queensland. It’s been a weird summer so far though, I was legitimately cold on Saturday morning. So weird!

  3. December 7, 2010 / 12:17 am

    Your pup is so cute! Love the snow- I’m jealous. 🙂 It’s still warm here somewhat. Lovely outfit!

  4. December 7, 2010 / 8:55 am

    I love winter views and sunsets, amazing!
    very positive pics :))

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