Not such a good day =( But Style Challenge Day 5 (finished!!)

I managed to make it home this weekend!! Yay!! And I’m now using my dad’s laptop which is fairly slow so I don’t have that many pictures for you today, but believe me, you will get lots of pictures of the snow on monday or tuesday when I get back to my laptop because it is at least a foot deep here, if not more!! It’s crazy!
Basically, as you can tell by my post title, I didn’t have such a good day yesterday. As I mentioned, I was supposed to have an extra note taking session, so I set off early to that so I could meet my client 10 minutes early, but, as I think I mentioned before, the steps that go down to my bus stop have turned into basically an ice slide, so there I was sliding slowly down them, and I got to the top of one flight and I just went crashing down it =( It didn’t really hurt but there were people at the bus stop and no one came to help me or anything so I was a bit upset.

(I don’t even know what’s going on with my face here! Please ignore it and look at the outfit haha!) So anyway, to continue my story, I got up and attempted to brush off the snow all over me (unsuccessfully, there was a lot of it) and carried on down these horrid steps to the bus stop because I knew I couldn’t miss this note taking. As I crossed the road (it’s a bus only road with no other traffic so it’s basically just a pile of snow at the moment), I saw the bus coming, so I ran to the stop as it was stopping and was about to get on when the bus driver shut the doors and drove off!! I was literally a few feet away! Then I chased after it waving my arms, even the people in the bus saw, but didn’t say anything, and he just drove away. I was not happy; I just rang Ben and cried haha, but I decided to wait for the next one, even though by this point I realised my ankle and ribs (I have a problem with them but you can hear about that another day!) were hurting. So the next one didn’t turn up until the time I’d arranged to meet the girl, grrrr. I texted her to say I would be late and wished the bus would hurry up.

Eventually I got there, with one minute till the lecture started, so I was running there and I looked at my phone to check the time, and I had a text from the girl, from one minute before saying that the lecture had been cancelled. I was just so upset by this point haha! I ended up spending that time in the library, but I’d brought no work with me (I had a lecture afterwards too) and I couldn’t even find any books I could have used =(
So basically not a good day. It even got a bit worse in that our train home, and all the trains to that station, were cancelled because of the snow, so we ended getting one where we were packed in like sardines to a different station, which luckily was easier for us to be picked up at on this specific day, and had to wait there until my dad got us, so that bit didn’t turn out to awfully haha!
Oh my goodness, I’m sorry I’m such a grumpy guts haha! I will do some happier post sometime, I promise!! Well yesterday was my final day of the style challenge! I seem to have used a lot of red in this challenge now I look at it, I think it’s maybe because I was subconciously going for Christmassy colours haha! But it was really fun coming up with all these different outfits, but I’m glad that today I can wear something different (although right now I’m still in a towel!!) We’re going to see Ben’s grandparents this morning, and this afternoon I’m going to see my baby cousin again! Last time I saw her in real life was 2 weeks ago when she was only 10 hours old =) They did put her on Skype for me to see though, and it looked just like she was staring right at me!!

Red Cardigan: New Look
Stripy T Shirt: Primark (men’s section)
Red Belt: Accessorize
Black Skirt: New Look
Polka Dot Tights: Primark
My legs got SO cold in these tights, because we walked to the station. I had on thigh high grey socks (as I do every day at the moment) over my tights but the middle of my thighs went bright red, you could see through the tights, and completely numb!! Better go now and stop rambling and boring you all with my tales of woe!



  1. December 4, 2010 / 4:07 pm

    oh no, Sian!! I wish I could say I can’t believe nobody helped you, but on Tuesday I fell over and I couldn’t believe someone actually asked if I was okay!! I was telling someone this and I said “no-one back home would ever ask if you were okay” and this illustrates my point.
    I think everyone is digging the red cardigans at the moment!!
    Put some christmas music on and start getting festive :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. December 5, 2010 / 8:47 am

    Red cardigan!!!! haha love love love!

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