Playing In The Graveyard

I’m sorry this is going to be a massively picture heavy post, this is why I try not to take too many photos because I find it really difficult to make decisions (it’s my Libra-ness apparently!), but here I am with about a thousand photos for you. Ok, not really a thousand but it might feel like that many to you by the end of this post, so I’m sooorrrryyy!! I suffered freezing cold hands that are still struggling to type right now because of my escapades in the Churchyard today. All of these photos are completely unedited by the way, I didn’t even crop them because I’m too lazy and they looked alright anyway =)

The weather is starting to go a bit crazy again, hence the beautiful light, hence the reason why I just couldn’t resist wasting all my time and taking lots of photos. So as you can tell from these photos, the snow is nothing like last week, well actually up until today the snow actually ceased to exist anymore. Today I got up to discover what I thought was rain was in fact snow. Yay… (that was very unenthusiastic by the way). And the temperature has just dropped again: it probably managed to get up to about 6*C earlier in the week and last week, and it’s dropped to -4*C again, and is set to get lower. At home the snow hasn’t actually disappeared at all, and it’s coming down again, my baby car’s still stuck!!
Basically my point of the above paragraph was that once the snow cloud had passed, it left a beautiful clear blue sky, crisp coldness, and this lovely light =)

Black Cardigan: Topshop
Red Double U Neck Dress: American Apparel
Clock Necklace: Present from my sister
Brown Waist Belt: Primark
Striped Skirt: Forever21
Sheer Bow Tights: Primark
Black Flat Oxfords: Primark
You’ve just got to love jumping pictures, don’t you? Well I hope you do because I’ve got more of them, and they look like I’m either flying or being blown away by some explosion of something, but I thought they were pretty cool!
It’s sooo close to the end of the semester now, and as I keep saying, I’m fed up and I want to go home. I’ve completely lost all motivation to work or do anything really, I’m pretty much just giving up. I only have an hour of Greek tomorrow so it’s just one final push, and a quick visit to both libraries (uni and city) and then I can finally go home!!

Oh my goodness I really do have lots of pictures!! I think I’ve got about 25 planned to go on this post, sorry again!! But they’re pretty, aren’t they?! 
My sister and I have a couple of shopping trips planned that I’m very excited about. We wanted to go to Leeds on Monday, but we may have to reschedule this because I’m apparently working on Monday and Tuesday mornings. I work at my dad’s bakery in the holidays, but generally only a few mornings a week (if I’m actually in the bakery) or a couple of whole days (if I’m in the office). Now you would have thought I’d be more of an office type girl, in fact I’d love to wear those sort of clothes everyday, however, I much prefer working in the actual bakery, in a pair of tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a t shirt, with an overall and an apron over the top!! I actually posted a picture once here of what I have to wear. It is a pretty laborious job (is that a word?? It is now!), because there’s a lot of lifting of heavy trays filled with bakery products and pushing around the stacks and racks, the heaviest are Christmas cakes when there are lots of them on one tray eurgh. But I still really enjoy it in there, despite the fact that I have to get up at 6.30am =( It means I get to finish at about 12.30pm, but I don’t get a break so I’m always staaarving when I finish!!

This part of the church in the photos above is at the opposite end from our flat, but it’s so pretty. When there’s no one there I think it looks like the entrance to an abandoned stately home or something. The only problem is that there’s nowhere to balance my camera around there, so I can’t get any very good pictures when I’ve got no one to take them, which is all the time since when Ben goes to and comes back from work it’s dark =( Some of them turned out alright though I think.

Yes I’m still going with the pictures haha =D These are my prettiest light ones, and then you’re going to get some flying ones too!! I have a flickr, but I only use it for The Lovely Ones clothes swap at the moment, so I might start using it for proper pictures like these when I’m trying to be artistic hee hee. My sister is very artistic, especially photographically and I wish I could be too.

The flying ones hee hee.
Ok, last two pictures now, so I’ll say my goodbyes from this tortuously (is that a word too?? The spell checker told me it was so just pretend it is and makes sense) long post. I will do the boarding school post I promised soon when I get round to sorting out old horrible pictures of me to explain to you!



  1. December 16, 2010 / 4:39 pm

    I can definitely relate.
    I am a week from being back in England with 4 finals to go and I just want to give up and go home now!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. December 16, 2010 / 5:55 pm

    great photos! this outfit is really cute! love the stripes against the polka dots.

  3. December 16, 2010 / 9:42 pm

    Great look, love the print mixing with the tights and skirt!

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