Style Challenge Culmination

Just a quick round up of my style challenge outfits for the men’s Primark T shirt, hmmm now I look at it I realise I wore the red cardigan too much with it. I don’t often think about my cardigan as a major part of the outfit because I just put it on for warmth, I was thinking more about changing skirts and trousers for this challenge and forgot that I was wearing the same cardigan! But nevermind, I think the red looks good with the stripes! Which is your favourite of these? I’d say mine is probably the dress over the t shirt, which is not an outfit I’d usually come up with so that’s a good thing! =)
My cancelled Latin from yesterday is happening today, so I’d better be getting ready for that, so I’ll probably be back later with an outfit post or something =D


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  1. December 7, 2010 / 2:52 pm

    My favorite one is with the black cardigan with the gray skirt styled with the belt.

    It’s very pretty!

    All of them look great in my opinion though:)

    Marja <3

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