Style Challenge Day 4

Yes, it’s still snowing of course. The snow has now slid off the top of the gravestones so I can’t measure it by that anymore, but it just seems to keep coming! Ben hasn’t been able to get to work today either, and he’s not expecting to get the car out tomorrow so we’re both going to take the train home tomorrow afternoon for this weekend. I’m very excited about going home for a few reasons:
1. I left my advent calendar at home.
2. I left my new shoes (which you haven’t seen yet) at home!!
3. I’m planning on steal some of my mum’s old dresses that I discovered last time I was home (but guess what…I left them at home too!!)
4. I get to play in the snow (which is apparently a lot deeper at home) with my sister and dog!

So I’m onto Day 4 of my Style Challenge now, it’s been fairly tough trying to find different things to wear with this T shirt, but it’s quite a versatile piece I’ve discovered, and today I’m wearing it with a colour I wouldn’t have considered before, with this camel coloured skirt (isn’t it funny that I wouldn’t have called it camel coloured before, but now that camel is the “fashionable” colour, that’s what I’d call it haha). But I think it works quite well, don’t you? It’s another one of my really old pieces that I sort of revived when I came to uni last year, then forgot about and just found again! I’m pretty sure I got it 7 years ago when I started at my prep school and bought it for a disco haha! I thought I was so cool and it was really short!

Yes, okay, I’ve been playing around with the camera and editing and stuff haha! I do very minimal editing to my outfit photos generally because they’re just to show my clothes, except for cropping them and occasionally changing the light, but I’ve been feeling like playing around with them more a bit recently!
And no, I didn’t wear these shoes outside, they just compliment the outfit haha, and I would have worn them if it wasn’t snowing like crazy. On a morning I have to walk down some steps to the Quayside where I catch the bus, but now because of the snow and where other people have walked down, the steps have just turned into pretty much a smooth ice slide! So each flight of them I pretty much just hold the rail and slide down them haha, but I nearly fell over this morning and the bus was 20 minutes late again so I was late for note taking =S.

Red Cardigan: New Look
Stripy T Shirt: Primark (men’s section)
Waist Belt: Zara
Camel Coloured Cord Skirt: New Look
Bow Print Tights: Primark
Studded Heels: New Look

Ooooh that’s another thing, I’ve managed to get extra note taking work tomorrow morning yay! For any of you out there who are at an English University (or other ones, I don’t know if they do it) and you want any extra money while you’re studying, this is a really good thing to do! I only do about 5 extra hours of going to lectures a week and taking notes, yet it means I have nearly double as much money as I usually do =) Plus it’s actually really fun to go to different lectures, I’ve actually learnt so much just from sitting in English Lit lectures. The one tomorrow is Speech and Language Sciences which I think will be so interesting, I’ve never done anything like it! Well anyway, those of you at English unis, the company I work for is called Clear Links and they do a lot of other ones in the UK, so check if they do it, or another company at your uni. It’s such flexible work, with good pay, is really interesting and gives you really good experience. Oh my goodness I sound like such an advertisement but it’s just some advice for you haha! I just think it’s the perfect job while you’re at uni.

My signature disappeared under a picture here somewhere haha, so I’ll just say:


  1. December 2, 2010 / 8:24 pm

    you really have such excellent legs (I know I told you before :D), absolutely perfect! supecute casual/girly outfit, the tights are adorable. But it looks too cold for the weather we’re experiencing! 😀 snooooow is not the weather for sheer tights! 😀

  2. December 3, 2010 / 4:24 am

    Stripey tops really are so versatile! I love your pattern mixing and color combination – it works so well!

    Chic on the Cheap

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