Christmas and New Year =)

I’m so sorry to have abandoned you all over Christmas!! I have done my best to keep up on reading most of your blogs but had no time to do my own blogging! Basically, just the usual excuse, I have been busy doing family Christmas things, and Ben has had the whole week off work, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with him too =)
I don’t actually have that many pictures from over Christmas to show you =( But you can hear a little about it if you like! Basically I spent Christmas Eve with all my mum’s side of the family at my grandma and grandad’s house. I only look massively taller than them because of my platform boots wedges which I still haven’t managed to get into a proper picture yet! It’s sort of a tradition on Christmas Eve for us to all get together there, and if it changes Beth and I get really angry haha!!

And of course Beth and I still continue our tradition of putting out a mince pie and sherry for Father Christmas, and a carrot for the reindeer haha! We love our Christmas traditions! At night Beth drags her mattress into my room and we watch either The Grinch or Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas (we alternate each year!) then have like a mini sleepover, then in the morning open our stockings together before going downstairs with our parents to open our main presents! In our stockings we only get a couple of little things like an orange (!), chocolate coins, a piece of make up etc, this year I had a Harry Potter spoon!! I don’t have a clue haha!

I don’t really have many good pictures of my presents and things, but I mainly got books (25 of them!!) as I didn’t ask for a main present, plus a faux fur scarf, a snood, an apron, Inception DVD and lots of chocolate! Ben got me a massager, my platform boots, some egg cups (we don’t have any and have had to use shot glasses before!!), another apron (haha!) and a £50 American Apparel voucher!! I’ve already spent it =D These matching pyjama bottoms my sister and I are wearing were from our parents for Christmas =)

Then Boxing Day we spent with my dad’s family at my house, with my grandparents, my uncle, his fiancee and my baby cousin (who cried when I held her haha =( Still love her though!!) Then the next evening we went to the pantomime in York, this is like my 6th year in a row going and it is always fantastic!! The Dame is played every year by Berwick Kaler and he is brilliant every year! I don’t have any photos of it unfortunately.
Then we had a little walk on the beach mid week, where I just wanted to share this photo with you as I think it’s so funny!! We made Beth stand on this rock, and the sea started coming in!!

Now onto last night……..
My friend Charley, who have must have mentioned so many times on here, had a little party at her house, well their holiday cottage, with a group of my friends from school, the friends of hers I’d met at the Murder Mystery party, some others from Warwick, and her family. It was AMAZING! It was Award Night themed and we were each given a person and award. I was Audrey Hepburn and I had the Influential Style Award =D It was so lovely to see everyone, even though a few friends couldn’t go, and we had such a good time, pretty much just singing, dancing, eating from the buffet we all brought things for, and obviously drinking! Although I don’t like to drink too much, so I’m not in too much of a bad state today (unlike Ben who is asleep on the other sofa right now haha…sssshhh!) I’ve only got a few good photos right now, most of mine were horribly blurred haha! But loads of others had cameras so I’ll share some more with you another day =)

Here we have (from L to R), Klem as Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins here), Lizzi as Meg Ryan, Fran as Helena Bonham Carter and me as Audrey Hepburn (my take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s outfit!). I did have more necklaces…but I broke one =( It was my mum’s and so pretty too, I was planning on stealing it because she doesn’t wear it anymore!

Yes, of course Audrey Hepburn had tiramisu on her face =)

Ben as Walt Disney (Charley’s doing! She and I LOVE Disney, and we’re taking these two for the their first times, but on separate occasions, this year, so this was her trying to get him into the Disney spirit!) and Frankie as Al Pacino. Us four love having little double date things haha, what’s a little bit strange is that Frankie is actually my ex, Charley asked my permission to go out with him and I was like OF COURSE!! It’s a long story, but I’m so glad because now we’re all really close =D We had a trip to Alton Towers together and stayed in Frankie’s cottage thing there, and we’re planning another haha =)

These are a couple my dad took before we left. It was lovely because Lizzi who left Yorkshire to live down South came to get ready at mine first and I hadn’t seen her since August! We’ve been really close friends since we were 3 and still going strong =D

Oh and if you were wondering, the dress is New Look, I meant to buy something in the sales but it just jumped out at me!! It’ll be so cute to wear in summer too, so versatile! =) And the shoes are Barratts. Lizzi did my hair and I was amazed at how well it turned out, I don’t usually like having my hair up but I think this suited me quite well =)
I’ve loved reading all your resolutions for the New Year, and so I’ll start thinking up mine, although like most people, I’m not very good at them haha! Oh and HELLO to all my new followers, I can’t believe I reached 50, well 54 (just on Google thingy plus 6 on Bloglovin’, so really 60)!! My aim for Christmas was 50, and I had 52 by Christmas day =DD You are the people that really make my blog worth it so THANK YOU!! Because of this, I’m planning a New Year (and my first!) Giveaway, so keep a look out for that =D




  1. January 1, 2011 / 3:22 pm

    SO much to comment on!!
    firstly- i ALWAYS use shot glasses as egg cups!!
    secondly- you look so lovely an Audrey hepburn!! What an awesome idea :]] I love the guy as Al Pacino though-because I love Al Pacino!!
    Looks like you had a great time- hope you had a lovely year :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. January 1, 2011 / 6:46 pm

    your night looks delightful and I love the audrey look, especially with the tiramisu! 🙂

  3. January 5, 2011 / 7:31 am

    sounds like you had a fantastic day, 25 books wow.
    i love how the dog seems to peek his way into the photo’s, so cute

  4. January 5, 2011 / 7:51 pm


    (it’s Georgia, btw)

    HI! Cool bloggio you have on here! … but I want to steal your 25 books! Have you heard of a book called “Revolution”? It’s by Jennifer Donnelly and it’s AMAZING!

    Plus you’ve got the French Revolution going on!

    Hope you’re having a good holiday!

  5. January 8, 2011 / 3:20 am

    You Audrey outfit is delightful! And I love that you and your sis have matching pjs. Big. Fun.

    😉 Hope the new year is treating you well darling!

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