Pretty Little Sun Beam


Despite the fact that our pond is still completely iced over and the patio is a sheet of ice, it has actually been ridiculously sunny this week! These pictures are now from two days ago, Tuesday (which also happened to be mine and Ben’s 2 and a half year anniversary if anyone’s interested =D). I just can’t resist taking pictures with sun flares all over them because they always look so pretty when other people do them! I don’t think I’ve quite managed to get the same effect but they’re still prettyful =)

I didn’t manage to get outside to take some photos yesterday (I was being lazy :p), but I took more today, I’m just a bit behind on outfit photos at the moment.
Basically done nothing agaaaain =) Beth and I have decided we’re going to go shopping next Friday now because she’s at college all week (except Fridays) and this week she has a driving lesson. I don’t often talk about her, so since I don’t have anything else to say I’ll tell you about my baby sister, here’s a photo:
Haha, this is me holding her the day she was born =D. We’re two years apart, which I really like as we get on so well (most of the time!), it’s like having a friend around all the time, and all my friends like her too! She’s at college now, in her second year there doing an art course and, in my opinion, she is amazing! I’ll post a photo of a picture she painted for my dad for Christmas soon.
Floral Print Dress (as a top): H&M
Waist Belt: Topshop
Burgundy Cord Circle Skirt: American Apparel
Black Leggings: George at Asda
Grey OTK Socks: H&M
Burgundy Bow Flats: New Look
I’ve decided I’m going to do Kendi’s Winter 30 for 30 which starts on February 1st. I’m a bit worried because it’ll be really hard not to just grab other clothes from my wardrobe but I think it’ll help me to make the most of what I already have. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do the no shopping part because my friend wants me to go shopping with her and we’ve been waiting for her loan to come through and her exams to end, which is in February, but I won’t wear the things I buy until it’s over!!
Next Thursday I’m getting my hair done, and I’ve decided to go for a bit of a change, I’ve been planning it for ages but not got round to booking an appointment. I’ve done blonde highlights, I’ve done very dark, medium brunette (my natural), red tinted, dark red, and now I’m planning red, but more an orangey red if that makes sense!! I’m thinking sort of this colour on Maria here, even though she didn’t like it in the end, I liked the way it faded too =) What do you all think??
I’ve decided to extend my giveaway until the end of next week, and I’ve also added a surprise extra thing, so please enter!! There’s only 4 entries so you have a really good chance!!


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5 responses to “Pretty Little Sun Beam”

  1. kirstyb says:

    hi there – you entered a comp on my blog to win a £25 peacocks voucher and you were the winner can u pls get in contact and email me you address so that I can get it sent out to you.


  2. Annebeth says:

    lovely springy pictures! and look at you being a stylish little todler with your peter pan collar, so on trend! 😀

  3. SMASH says:

    That circle skirt looks so great on you (a very flattering cut!) and the photo of you and your baby sister is too sweet 🙂


  4. mihad says:

    adorable!! love the picture 🙂

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