Day 4/30 – Christina’s here =)

I’m back from abandoning you with a quick post from two days ago (Friday) now =) I never got a chance to take days 5 and 6 of my outfits so I’m going to have to put them back on to do so!! As I mentioned before I had my friend Christina to stay for the weekend, and she only left this afternoon, and since then I’ve been feeling really ill =( I don’t know why, but I’d planned on spending the afternoon doing loads of work and haven’t been able to now.
Anyway, here’s the Friday outfit, and I promise it was a lot better than these photos look!! I got Christina to take them, so they’re not the best haha! And I was messing around a bit too, proof above.
Red Cardigan: New Look
Navy Dress: Zara
Black Leggings: George at Asda
Grey Socks: H&M
I’ve been pretty busy with Christina here: we went out for lunch with another friend Fran (hi Fran!! I just found out she reads this =D), and did a little bit of shopping afterwards. I only got tights (heart print, bow print and tan) and a pair of shoes from the Primark sale…Primark sale?! Crazy! They were only £8, and black wedges, like I’ve been looking for, not too high, and rubber soled so I won’t fall over, yay! Then we went out in the evening, not too late, just had some cocktails and whatnot.
Christina’s was the Mojito, and mine the Strawberry Daiquiri, yum! Anyways, I cheated a little bit with the 30 for 30 here, although I did mention in my first post on it that I would because I didn’t want to pick going out items as I don’t go out that much and they wouldn’t work as day-to-day wear. So I did wear my new Primark blouse (from eBay) which is in the 30 for 30, but with an H&M skirt (also from eBay!), with my new bow print tights (Primark…again…but they’re a lot better quality than my others), and my new Primark wedges which were actually slightly too big =(
Oh gosh, I didn’t mention the magician =D!! He randomly came up to us in a bar and started doing card tricks for us!! Surprisingly (or it may be due to the alcohol….) I had no idea how he did them, I thought he was going to be awful! I’ve never had anything like that in a bar before!

Then yesterday we went to IKEA in the morning…yay! I love it! And had lunch there. We came back, met up with a couple of other friends Rosie and Alice (who I hadn’t seen in ages) for a little while in the afternoon, made cupcakes, and then had Fran round for Indian takeaway (YUM) and a girly film watching evening.
And that’s pretty much it!
I’ll be back tomorrow once I’ve taken some more outfit photos, with 3 days worth of 30 for 30 for you!



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  1. February 7, 2011 / 2:54 am

    I love the outfit with the polka dot top and bow print tights!! Those tights are fabulous, oh my goodness! The other outfit looks great – I’m in the market for a blue dress (I surprisingly don’t own one!).

    XO Michelle

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