Looks Inspiring Me #1

New feature! As you already know, I like to post things that inspire me and my outfits every so often, but they’re not necessarily made up of real life people wearing real life clothes, so here I bring you my new feature of real blogger’s looks that I’m loving at the moment. Not sure how often I’ll do it, I suppose when I have enough looks saved up in my folder!

the styling dutchman
1. Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman: Loving the 50s style dress, and I want some shoes like that!! She posts amazing outfits everyday, always different and stylish =)
the flower girl
2. Becky-May from The Flower Girl: Those flared jeans with the gypsy style top, amazing! Wish I hadn’t got rid of my old gypsy style clothes now.
3. Breanne from Flattery: I still want some shorts like these =) Loving them with the tights and heels.
4. Alexa Chung: Okay, so not technically a blogger’s outfit, but it is very much a real wearable outfit. Loving the Peter Pan collar and the patterned skirt. Oh and the shoes, lovely!
clothes horse
5. Rebecca from The Clothes Horse: Ok, so her outfits never fail to amaze me, but I love this one especially because of the slightly different way she’s wearing the cardigan with the belt. Plus the white tights and shoes (I want those shooooes!)
Orchid Grey
6. Orchid Grey: Those tights! Just love the colour, plus the bag and the wedges, brilliant!
7. Shan-Shan from Tiny Toadstool: I am constantly inspired by her outfits, they’re so dreamy and perfect! Love this because I want to wear my Vivienne Westwoods like that! Plus the colour of the skirt is amazing (if anyone sees one anywhere let me know!), and the netting underneath <3
pale division
8. Willabelle from Pale Division: Love the shape of the corset style top, and those shoes are amazing, looking out for some like that for summer.
9. Kathleen Carla from Inspirafashion: I want to wear light coloured summery clothes!! Loving the brogues with socks too and the satchel =)
10. Emma from Scrapbook de la Emma: Loving the pink scalloped top with the skirt, the exposed zip is lovely. Plus her hair colour, I want it!!
Hope you enjoyed my first installment of Looks Inspiring Me, let me know if you like this feature or not, and which looks you like best too =)


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19 responses to “Looks Inspiring Me #1”

  1. Rachelous says:

    You’ve got great taste- you’ve picked some awesome styles! Some of the bloggers I don’t know so I’m away to check them out! xx

  2. Ohh, I love Annebeth’s look! I’m so glad you shared these!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Love finding new bloggers- thanks Sian :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Pearl Girls says:

    This is such a great inspiration list. All these girls have such a fun look.


  5. Savannah says:

    I’m loving all of these, I love finding new inspirations for outfits!

  6. I agree 100%

    All these looks are sooo great and make me want spring to show up now!

  7. Annebeth says:

    I am SO flattered you featured me among these AWESOME stylequeens!!! 😀 You’re a total doll <3

  8. SoYesterday. says:

    pretty picture choices! :]


  9. Hannah says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment! Luckily for me you did because now I can follow you and your adorable blog!
    And in response; I sort of learnt through the fact that my mother had a sewing machine (and she has basic knowledge, but is by no means a master seamstress) and I did some sewing classes in high school. It isn’t really hard as such, more so, you have to be logical and good at problem solving, and PERSISTENT! The most frustrating thing about sewing is the fact that so many things go wrong and you have to unpick little stitches for hours. But I think the reward at the end is totally worth it! Like, when people had such a positive response to a dress I made I was like WOW! no one else has this dress, I created it myself, and people LOVE it!

    If you want to start, i’d recommend that you get yourself a basic sewing machine, finding an ‘easy’ pattern (pattern books often have a chapter of easy items) some fabric (start with a nice non-stretch fabric like cotton) and persist for a day or two. You have to realllyyyy want to do it or it will sit there uncompleted for months.
    Or if you can, find a friend or mother of a friend who can sew and ask them if they could sew the first pattern with you and help you as you sew; thats probably the best option because theyl give you little tips and tricks!

    Let me know how you go!

    PS, i love when bloggers feature other bloggers because I love seeing peoples taste! xx

  10. Natalie says:

    These are some great picks – some of them are so diverse, but I love every single one! It’s crazy how fashion can work that way.

  11. theresa says:

    great inspirations! hopefully i can be one of them..
    ahaha no jk! love your taste! its great!


    follow 😀

  12. fashionsastranger says:

    I love these images. I’m so jealous of this flawless fashion! I just can’t put together such amazing outfits!

    That goes for your gorgeous outfits too, Sian!

    love it! Amy xoxox

  13. Katie says:

    Great inspiration!

  14. thanks so much for featuring me, so sweet 🙂 ill link this back on my blog too xo

  15. Great inspirational pics! I think, I love Becky-May’s Outfit most… ;o)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and following! I follow you too!

    *From Munich With Love*

  16. Half Dressed says:

    So of these blogs are absolutely brilliant, these girls do such a great job! 🙂
    And yes I did get the clothes you sent 🙂

    L x

  17. Naomi says:

    I really like Willabelle, Shan Shan and Emma’s looks. They are really inspiring 🙂

    You should check out the street next to The Gate in Newcastle 🙂 and the little side street near the back entrance of Eldon square. There are lots of little treasures in there if you hunt hard enough 🙂

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