My Weekend and Family

Something a little different now =) I had a really busy weekend, as I mentioned before, so I thought I’d at least do a separate post to show you all the crazy things (kind of crazy haha!) going on in my life at the moment!
So the picture above is my dad, yes…he’s building a pizza oven in our garden…not entirely sure why haha, although I do love pizzas so I’m pretty happy about that =D I think Ben actually gave him the idea from Jamie Oliver who has one!
Another thing that happened this weekend, my mum got a new car. Her old one was pretty much just dying, so my dad decided she needed a new one. It’s a monster haha! We keep telling her it looks like a monster truck or something! I think it’s a very ‘American’ car because in the UK most people drive small cars, but this is massive compared to everyone else!!
Then the above photo is from Sunday at Ben’s sister’s 21st. We just went out with their family plus Beth’s boyfriend (oh, our sister’s both have the same name, pretty confusing!) to a local pub and it was really nice. I had toasted goat’s cheese as a starter, then spinach and ricotta cannelloni, then something called Snow Queen which was basically frozen cream and mushed up meringue with some coulis and berries – very nice indeed!
Black Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Purple Strapless Dress: French Connection
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Splendids’ 
And finally, some pictures from my sister’s friend’s 18th (I felt so old there!!). Beth’s known this friend almost all her life and even though they haven’t been at school together for 6 years or something now, they’re still really good friends, and so we know her really well too =) I helped choose Beth’s dress (it’s velvet!), and this is the first pair of heels she’s owned (she usually borrows mine!).My dress was my leaver’s ball dress from school but I don’t get many chances to wear it even though I absolutely love it.

And above, Ben and I (plus a new necklace from Matalan), then my mum, sister and I dancing =) I accidentally whacked my mum in the face with my elbow at one point!!


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  1. February 25, 2011 / 1:03 am

    Oh my goodness, pizza oven! I worked at a pizza place for most of high school and even after that, I still love pizza – I would probably eat way too much of it if I had a pizza oven outside though. :] That’s so cool.

    I love this post – you have such an amazing, full life, it’s really nice to see!

    XO Michelle

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