Day 24/30


These few days of the 30 for 30 are going to come pretty mixed up! In fact you’re getting Day 24 now, and in a couple of hours I’m going to put up Day 23 haha =D Never mind, as I said before, at least you’re getting some outfits!

I’m not going to write a lot in this post, I’m going to do most of that in the later post =) I’ll just say, I had a lovely day today seeing one of my friends Rosie (hi goose!!), but I’ll tell you more about that later…it involves shopping…Rosie’s a bad influence on me!!
Red Cardigan: New Look
Black Leotard: Topshop
Belt: Zara
Cord Skirt: New Look
Bow Print Tights: Primark
So I’ll be back later, and might show you, or at least tell you all about some of the things I bought earlier =)



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