Day 26/30

I’m so happy the 30 for 30’s over now (even though I still have quite a few outfits to come from it!), according to my schedule I should have them all up by Monday and then I can get back to random outfit posting!! I did definitely enjoy the challenge of the 30 for 30, and I’m so glad I completed it although I thought about stopping a few times, but I’m very glad it’s over and I can wear any of my dresses now! I think if I did it again I would put more me dresses in, I only really had 2 in there, the other two were primarily because they would be good for remixing.
These photos are form last weekend at home, I thought I would take the opportunity to grab to some outdoor outfit photos taken Ben when we walked the dog. The first lot didn’t come out as well as I wanted, but the later ones were a lot better, but it had started raining by then! Also, notice how I wasn’t wearing a coat, wow!! I was pretty chilly though =D
I wasn’t wearing any make up again so I look a bit weird haha! Not that I usually wear a lot, but it still looks quite different. But at the moment I’ve set myself a sort of challenge of not wearing make up at least one day a week, and making sure that that day is one where I’m outside (like at uni or something) so that people can see me. I’m taking the fact that I’ve had no bad comments about it as a good thing haha!!
Red Cardigan: New Look
Black Leotard: Topshop
High Waist Jeans: Topshop (sale)
Wellies: My mum’s Hunters
I’ll be back later with another late outfit post =)




  1. March 4, 2011 / 7:40 am

    you look nice
    love the red cardigans 🙂
    you can visit mine if you mind
    have we follow each other?

  2. March 4, 2011 / 8:52 am

    Loving the vibrant red against the backdrop of the land, just gorgeous 🙂

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