Little Boats

I will finish posting my 30 for 30 outfits one day, I promise! I just didn’t manage to shoot a few of the later outfits, then I put a load of clothes in the wash, then I got ill, and now I just don’t have time to put them on and do photos, but I will =D
You may notice in none of these photos that you can see my face! These photos were from Saturday, when I was still in the midst of illness, but I’d managed to get dressed, and in an outfit that was presentable, because my parents and sister came up to see me =) How cute is this dress?! I bought it in Primark for….wait for it….£5!! It’s so cute, will be perfect for summer, and has little boats on it! Plus I don’t really own any green clothing, so I had to buy it =) And I think I love it! They had it in lots of different patterns and colours too, I’m almost considering going to buy another, but I have basically no money (and I spent it on hair stuff….ooohhh I nearly revealed a surprise coming up, those of you on tumblr and Facebook may know what I’m talking about!). And anyway, I really want to buy a Matalan playsuit when they’re out, and possibly a bikini, so I’m trying to save for that =D
This is from the day before, still ill, but making chocolate cornflake things, what are they called? Easter nests maybe, but minus the eggs… well they’re still lovely =) I’m addicted to these at the moment, and Ben said they would make me feel better! To be honest, the thing that has made me feel better the most while I’ve been ill has been putting on a dress haha, I felt so much better after putting this one on (Topshop by the way).
And Saturday night, another attempt to make me feel better, a bath with a candle, bath bomb thing (which was less of a bomb and more of a slimy thing, but it actually smelled so nice and made my skin really soft!) and some good books =)
Navy Cardigan: Primark
Green Boats Dress: Primark
Waist Belt: Zara
Purple Tights: Matalan 
So hopefully I will be back soon (although I’m doing a lot of work at the moment so I might not be!), because I have like 4 30 for 30s left, and I have 2 more outfits and a surprise to do with my hair to come, possibly even a little tutorial =D




  1. March 8, 2011 / 5:06 pm

    The dress is lovely! And for such a great deal!!

    did you change your hair?! i can’t wait to see what the surprise is!

  2. March 8, 2011 / 7:17 pm

    The boat print is adorable- I almost bought one of the £5 summer dresses there the other day but thankfully restrained myself (for now). Hope you’re feeling better lovely, you have very intellectual bath times, I usually stick to Glamour or Elle in the bath haha 🙂 xx

  3. March 8, 2011 / 9:29 pm

    Totally love that dress. It goes perfectly with your navy cardigan!

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