Sun Rays


I had a photographer for these photos! Well…I had Ben… hee hee! It’s been really sunny again recently, but really cold again, just when I thought the weather was starting to warm up. But today has been such weird weather, so windy! Like really really windy, and sunny, and weirdly randomly rainy. I have Greek in classroom right at the top of this building today, it’s right up in the eves and has a really weird window in the ceiling. Anyway, my point is it was so windy it was rattling all over the shop, sounded like it was going to shatter on us, and the sky (well, the clouds) were flying past it so fast, so it was pretty much a weird scary experience!
I can’t even remember which day these photos are from now! I wanted to get these up though, since I’ve taken quite a few outfit shoots over the last few days, and this is the last one with my old hair, so then I can do the rest of my 30 for 30 outfits with new hair, but I’ll do a new hair post first! It’s really not that much different, but I love it =D
I think I’ve managed to ruin the shoes in these photos a little bit today =( I wore them yesterday without any tights (I was wearing jeans, shock horror!), and they rubbed my foot a bit, then when I wore them again today with white tights they made my foot bleed, so now they, and my white tights, have blood on them! I do this with a lot of my shoes actually…I had some really cute white ones from Primark that rubbed my heel so badly on one foot that the whole back of it and half the sole got coated in blood, it was horrid!! I had a whole day at uni too so they kept sort of healing over then rubbing again and it really hurt!! But really I don’t think these ones are that bad, just a bit of blood on the inside!
Navy Cardigan: Primark
Blue T Shirt: Topshop (sale)
Waist Belt: Zara
Skirt: New Look
Tights: George at Asda
Shoes: Peacocks
I actually bought these shoes with a voucher I won in a giveaway, yay!! I think I mentioned before though, they had loads of lovely dresses and shorts in Peacocks, but I couldn’t buy any as even the size 8s in there were too big on me! This was crazy because I later bought a size 12 skirt! Anyway, I’m so glad I bought these shoes, under the guidance of Rosie, because they are really cute and springy =D I bought some lacey socks too, and I still have about £8 left on the gift card so I’ll be going back sometime.
I’ll be back soon (hopefully!) with more 30 for 30s =)




  1. March 11, 2011 / 12:24 am

    Looks like we are now bloggy friends! New follower here as well. Love your blog! Scary about the wind, but beautiful photos.

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