Why yes, that girl with no tights was me!

Yay yay yay yay yay!! No tights!! Since Friday, I’ve only had one day of wearing tights =D These photos are from Friday, granted yes I was a bit chilly when the sun went in, but still, I wasn’t cold as such!! And today is apparently the warmest day yet this year, I’ve heard it’s 17 degrees at home!! I want to go home so I can sit in the garden, the closest I can get here is sitting on the sofa with the sun shining on me haha, better than nothing at least.

I love doing my photos outside in the sun, it just makes me so happy! (Plus it shows my ombre-ness!!) I swear I have that seasonal depression thing because whenever I wake up to a grey cloudy day I just feel so horrid and grumpy all day, I don’t want to go outside or anything. But if there’s a bit of sun and blue sky I’m just so happy and smiley and I want to frolic in the sun haha =D So I’m pretty much just in an awesome mood at the moment =)


I’m loving this striped crop top too that I bought a couple of weeks ago with my sister in New Look. It was £6.99 I believe, so not too bad really =) I’ve already worn it loads! Actually, the first time I did, the hem came down all along the bottom, so I took it back and they swapped it immediately (despite the fact that I’d already got curry on it, having only worn it about 3 hours haha!!) I can’t wait to wear in Spain with denim shorts, yay yay yay!!


Sorry for the photo heaviness in this post! I just wanted to show off the fact that I don’t have to wear tights at the moment! Although it’s supposed to get cooler towards the weekend, and possibly rainy =( Oh well, I’m enjoying it while I can!
Oh, I’m also really happy today because I finally got my mark from my essay on Human Dissection in Antiquity from last semester. I worked so hard on it, and I was worried I might not have done well because it’s quite complicated, but I got 73 so I’m really happy! I just wanted to get over 65 really, and over 70 means it’s a First =)

 Navy Cardigan: Primark
Striped Crop Top: New Look
Floral Skirt: Vintage
Sheer Socks: H&M
Floral Print Shoes: Peacocks
And that’s all! I’d better be getting on with some work now, I might go outside even though I’ll look really silly just sat out there haha, never mind, I might do it still!


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17 responses to “Why yes, that girl with no tights was me!”

  1. Lovely, lovely skirt 🙂 Adorable look!


  2. Rachelous says:

    Your shoes and socks are adorable together, great pairing! And love the skirt, so happy that it’s sunny too! 😀 xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. 29 Skirts says:

    Aww, these photos make me so happy for spring! I love your sheer socks and floral shoes!

  5. Shell says:

    Cute outfit! I’m a big fan of the sheer socks 🙂

  6. StyleID says:

    Loving your shoes and your skirt.
    I can’t believe how sweet your shoes are.

  7. GRUNGE+GLAM says:

    those shoes are lovely! <3

  8. oh i am so jealous of your weather!!!! your skirt is totally adorable and the shoes with the sheer socks look so cute 🙂

  9. Jennyboo says:

    You have such cute style! I LOVE those floral flats. And those socks are so dreamy and perfect for the warmer weather. Adore! xoxo

  10. Magnolia says:

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Marianna says:

    I love these floral shoes!!

  12. mk says:

    i love this outfit! stripes + florals are one of my favorite trends right now. and those SHOES!! you’re just adorable. 🙂


  13. adorable, and I’m in love with those shoes!!

  14. Melody says:

    SO cute!! I’m the same way, sunshine puts me in such a good mood!


  15. Imogen says:

    Lovely outfit. I adore the colours and the mixing of patterns is really effective. I absolutely love your shoes, I so want them!

  16. Cel says:

    Super cute outfit! I love the little shoes, and the floral skirt. I think I’m just in love with anything floral and springlike right now.

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