Florida Part 5: Universal Studios and the Coast

Striped Top: H&M
Denim Shorts: La Redoute
Shoes: Croc sandals
Strapless Top: H&M
Shorts: Shop in Rome
Pink Jelly Shoes: New Look
We actually spent two half days in Universal, hence the two different outfits! We had a late start one day so went after lunch, and didn’t manage to get everything that we wanted to do there done, so we had to go back another day, and did the morning there another day. We did the Simpsons Ride for the first time, which was pretty awesome. You’re basically lifted above a massive screen in a car which is supposed to be like a rollercoaster cart, then you follow the characters around the theme park chasing Slideshow Bob etc. There are, as always, some amazing special effects. Only downside was the massive queue; we waited, I think, about an hour and a half, but it was a really really hot and humid day, and for some of the queue you were in full on sunshine, so my sister nearly died (she doesn’t take heat well!).
A quick random picture of Beth and I on 4th July (it didn’t fit it anywhere else!), we went to Disney’s Celebration to watch the fireworks over the lake, which was brilliant. It was our first time being in the US for Independence Day, despite the fact that we’ve been there about 15 times, but it was a really good atmosphere, I loved it.
Strapless Floral Dress: Forever 21
Straw Bag: Ron Jon
Gladiator Sandals: New Look 
Finally, our day at the other coast. My mum and dad decided it would be nice for Ben to see the other coast of Florida, even though it was far away, so we set off to Tampa and St. Petersburg to go to the beach. Really I should have known they were up to something because my dad would never spend a day at the beach for no reason, but I didn’t suspect anything! So it was a complete surprise when my dad presented Beth with a piece of paper saying we were going to the baseball that night!! Even better, it was a retro 50s game, which meant they played by old rules, wore the old uniforms and had cheerleaders in circle skirts, pretty awesome! Although I was dressed completely wrong for baseball however! My dad bought me a T shirt at the game, but I still got funny looks for being in a floral dress there, even if I was wearing as a skirt at that point!

More Florida posts to come still! I think only three more…sorry if anyone’s bored of them!
Oh, and this is a message to Katey who left a comment on my blog quite a few weeks ago (sorry, I’m behind on comments!), I couldn’t find a way to reply to you, but thank you for your lovely words, and I think the reason you can’t get my pictures larger by clicking anymore is because I now use Flickr to host my photos and the link just takes you to their website, but you can zoom once you’re directed there, there’s a button at the top right of the picture, hope that helps! Otherwise I’ll work out how to link them better =)


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