Double Bows

I managed to persuade Ben into taking my photos today =) But he was lazy and refused to leave the flat, so he took them from the window while I pranced around outside haha!! Only problem is he couldn’t hear what I was shouting, which was along the lines of: ‘Do a close up on my face!’, ‘Full body!!’, ‘Zoom on my shoes!!’ etc. so I ended up with some funny ones (outtakes post haha!!). But you may have noticed you haven’t seen this dress before, or the tights for that matter. I may or may not have been shopping today (…may…).

Okay, yesss I went shopping. Ben needed to go into town to upgrade his phone, actually that’s a good story, it was supposed to cost £100 online, but in the store they told him it would be £50, then we got to the till and it was free!! Crazy, so he’s pretty happy!! But we happened to pop into T K Maxx (same as T J Maxx to everyone in the US, oh and while I’m on that note, Celeste asked what a lorry was in my last post, it’s basically just a truck! I never thought about you not understanding, sorry!). Anyway, so in T K Maxx, Ben was looking at cookware, and I just wandered into the clothes and wow, they have a lot of good stuff in there at the moment. There’s this section called Modbox and I picked up 3 dresses I loved in it, but only bought 2 in the end. This one was only £12.99, it’s current season, amazingly well made, fits me perfectly and is really thick warm material. Amazing!

I also got the watch that Ben got me for my birthday altered. It was too big and I had several links taken out. I’ll take some pictures of it soon, it’s so pretty =) It’s a Rotary watch with a nice dainty bracelet and a pink tinged Mother of Pearl face. I don’t like the big chunky watches, especially because I have really skinny little wrists, so this was perfect! I’m also wearing the necklace my sister gave me for my birthday today, and the bracelet from Charley and Frankie. I’m going to photograph them all one day for a post =)
Dress: T K Maxx
Tights: Primark
Wedges: New Look
I decided to try out these shoes for proper walking business today and they were perfect! Our walk into town is about 1.5 miles (about a 25 minute walk up and down hills too!), and I walked that in these wedges, plus about 2 and a half hours walking round town, then I decided to change into flats for walking back, but only because we have to walk down a steep hill and that just seemed a little dangerous to me. But they don’t hurt at all!! The only problem I’ve had was the day after I wore them the other day I had achy legs, but that only meant my muscles had been working so I think that’s a good thing really!! But I think I’m definitely going to start wearing heels at least once a week from now on =) 

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15 responses to “Double Bows”

  1. Joyce says:

    I love your tights and dress! Cute outfit 🙂

  2. I love this dress, such a steal! You look fantastic. I can never find heels that don’t destroy my feet/can walk in 🙁 That’s such a nice surprise about Ben’s phone xo

  3. Laura says:

    Love your tights and the dress is stunning too! 🙂

    L x

  4. Walabean says:

    Loving your blog honey <3

    Also, those tights are amazing, and so different…I’ve never seen tights like that before anywhere. They just made me smile tehe.

    Walabean x

  5. Oh, I am so obsessed with this sweet look! Your dress is just darling, and those pictures of your twirling around in it are so enchanting <3 Too pretty!

    …And thank you ever so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet note! You have such a lovely little blog here and I adore your retro/girly style! xx

  6. Tanyabell says:

    TK Maxx?! hehe I LOVE that dress…you look amazing!!

    And, those pics are from your flat?! Nice job!

  7. JennaStevie says:

    This dress is amazing, I love the green with black and the giant bow. And I have to say, I am sooo obsesses with these tights, they’re gorgeous

  8. Florence says:

    Hi Sian! I featured your cherry necklace in my latest post! do check it out!

  9. MarieStella says:

    this is stunning!! i adore your wedges and tights!! perfect necklace!! awesome!!

  10. love the dress and the tights! I never find anything good in TK Maxx. 🙁 xx

  11. Laura says:

    Cute dress and tights!!
    I really love the design of your blog 🙂

  12. Kim says:

    Gorgeous dress and I love those tights!!

  13. Charlotte says:

    wow, this dress is amazing and I need those tights!
    i used to wear heels once a week last year but it’s hard to get into this year!!

    Charlotte x

  14. Celynne says:

    That’s it, those wedges are officially miracle shoes. I don’t own a single pair of heeled shoes I could walk that much in hah. They’re all relegated to work for me because I just sit all day and I switch over to flats when I walk. Those tights are really cool too, love the ribbon detail.

  15. Siel says:

    love that dress Sian! Your faded pink hair is lovely too 🙂

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