Greece Part 4: Nauplio and Mycenae

So we’re now embarking onto the Peloponnese part of my epic Greek journey. In the last post we’d just arrived in Nauplio, then that night we had a walking tour of the town itself, which was a really lovely little place with a very Italian atmosphere, with small streets, little shops and lovely restaurants with tables out in the streets. We had a nice meal that evening, then went to an amazing ice cream place (where we ended up every night of the four nights we stayed there!).
Above is Mycenae, a site of another Mycanaean palace, and also home to several grave sites, the Lion Gate

and a massive hill (as always with these sites!). I actually didn’t find this climb that bad, probably because the ever-enthusiastic Laura was bounding alongside me!! And we had this spectacular view from the top too.
Also just so you know, I am nowhere near listing every site we did in Greece in my posts by the way! That would take faaaar too many posts, so you’re really only getting a little snapshot of some of the best places and photos. I’m actually missing out a lot of what we did unfortunately!!

So we have above: another night in Nauplio out for a meal (probably chicken souvlaki because once I’d discovered it that was pretty much all I ate!). Then the last two pictures are from the Fortress at Nauplio which had an amazing view down over the town and the sea. It was so pretty, but the Fortress itself was, as the tutors put it, ‘post-interesting’!! But really, it was quite interesting, just not what we were there to see =p
And finally, my awful sandal tan!! I think I mentioned before about my awful but yet oh-so-comfortable walking sandals my parents made me buy, well the downside was this, the ever evolving sandal tan, yucks! Fortunately it has now faded significantly, so it’s all good. And the last picture is Otone and me in our matching dresses, yay!! We got them on our last free day in Athens, bargained down from 20E (I don’t have  a euro sign on here!) to 15E =) We were pretty proud of ourselves! We loved that Otone’s was like a maxi dress whereas mine was midi =D
Now an update on me: I’ve still got a couple of outfit posts in back up for you, so I’ll be back with those sometime soon. I’m already pretty busy with uni which is taking up a lot of time with translating, yet I spent pretty much all afternoon in the bath crying. Yes, crying…I should make someone check the books I’m going to read before I read them because even the tiniest thing makes me cry!! I’ve just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy, after seeing countless reviews and thinking, I won’t like them, then buying the first one when I was in London with Charlotte and getting addicted. So good but so heart-wrenching!! I’m pretty sure some of you will have read them too so please tell me I’m not the only crazy person who reacted like that to them!
Ok, after all that rambling I shall go!



  1. October 5, 2011 / 7:09 pm

    Looks like you saw some amazing views. The landscape is so pretty.

  2. October 5, 2011 / 8:49 pm

    oh no about the book. We need to talk about Kevin is likely to be even worse!!
    I miss you lots :]]

    Charlotte x

  3. October 6, 2011 / 4:24 pm

    Lovely photos! I adore the polka dot dress of the girl next to you on the 6th picture 🙂 You look great too! Haha for the sandal tan 🙂 I don’t have that problem because I NEVER tan, haha 🙂

    And trust me: you’re not the only one who cries over books! Even Harry Potter made me cry like a baby 😀 xo

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